Ich liebe der tunnel film :P

It means:  ‘I love The Tunnel Movie’

Watched this during the German Movie Fest and totally love it!

I was truly fascinated on how the East German made these tunnel just to cross over the other side.

Kept my adrenaline circulating fast as it reach till the end, perhaps its true what the organizer say,

One thing about Germans, you have to wait till the end before you can see German fights  (jk! jk!)

Opened my eyes on the German history which i personally know nothing except that Hitler was there.

Seems like its time to dig some history to find out more. Especially the part on Berlin Wall and the issue that caused the Cold War: Communism vs Capitalism.

The scene when Fritzi and Heiner tried to reach each other between the Berlin Wall when Heiner was shot as he tries to climb over the wall really touched me.

my fave scene:)
my fave scene:)

Most of the scene was symbolically reincarnated to show what happened during that time.

From a documentary i watched afterwards, showed that in the end the German soldier was perhaps so tired of  the Cold War that they finally open the walls despite the order to shoot anybody who tried to cross over. I hope the wall in Palestine will fall just like the Berlin wall. *sigh*

From my homestay family, Fatiha once took us to the German War museum called:

“Haus der geschichte der bundesrepublik deutschland”

which the Germans themselves never stops visiting these museum (i doubt its the same in Malaysia).

And i was pretty amazed on how the Germans make use of unused war things like, uniform,helmets, cans, bullets etc into their daily utensil. Too bad no pictures was allowed to be taken in the museum.

Its really hard to describe it without pictures but i hope anyone who have the opportunity will go and visit the museum.

Who says history is boring ?   😉

Owh, shared a little joke with Flo about Mercedes and she was laughing all the way till the end when she saw that taxi in another movie.

Well, it so happen that Mercedes seems too common as taxi in their own country so it made me feel that there is nothing special much to the people’s adoration on Mercz. Its like driving a Proton but slightly a lot better than that hehe.

No offense to Mercz lovers, i prefer BMW (one day haha)

Anyway, i am trying to find the english subtitled video somewhere around the internet.

Hope to find it soon for my own collection, as for those who haven’t seen it, go find this movie ok. Im sure there is somewhere in the world wide web

* To ‘Kikilala’,

Thanks for dropping by writing your comments. Quite surprised there is anyone reading my blog after all .

Hope you enjoy this movie if you go on YouTube. Let me know what you think of this movie afterwards,ok!

Love peace not war  (“,)


4 thoughts on “Ich liebe der tunnel film :P

  1. the funniest thing about the Merc taxi thing is, how ppl here especially, look at the brand as some sort of symbol of prestige and wealth and the way they’re so proud of owning and driving one… if only they knew that in germany even teenagers could afford to buy their own mercedes benz compressor (B owned one when he was just 17!) and the car even flock the streets as taxis! ROTFLOL


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