Finally our studio session is over. Sleepless night for this kind of day to arrive but finally we manage to pull it through.

Before that, I went to the Industrial talk with the Who’s Who in the Malaysian media and guess who came? Habsah Hassan!!!! 🙂

Had a chance to ask some Q but the answer was not as i expect it to be, anyway, at least i had my chance to ask Q to my fave lyricist and script writer  which of coz i ask about being a scriptwriter  😀

Well haven’t really decide what i want to do in the future, just some options that i leave it open in case there’s opportunity around the corner. Or maybe i’ll just make it a part-time basis since that the future is still not yet clear for script writers in Malaysia. Hoho. One thing for sure, i wont be writing base on my own ‘history’, prefer to keep that private. No worries ok!

Anyway, here’s a list of people involved which I would like to thank for all the long 2hour rehearsel but 30 minutes real recording hehe. Sorry to group 1 for the ‘torture’ . That day, i became the Floor Manager meaning i have to give all the cue for the Host and all to Standby etc . How was it? Sweaty! Never felt so ‘gabra’ @ nervous all my life. Kept making mistakes on the first rehearsel but as the second rehearsel, i finally get the flow and everything went smoothly till the end of the show 😉

Here’s some of the pictures:


3 thoughts on “Studio!

  1. babe, who’s in charge of ur props/set? isn’t it supposed to look funky, fresh and lively? the set u guys used is more appropriate for a serious talk show rather than ‘lifestyles’. i haven’t seen the show, so i can really say much then… btw, good job on finishing everything on time! i know stressful it can get. believe me, I KNOW! LOL


  2. haha the set doesn’t count as marks so thats why we kept it simple to save our budget plus we even recycle the unused magazine so kinda sustainable hehe. who? biarlah rahsia,its a team work after all. Anyway, thanks for the encouragement 🙂


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