No More Drama

:: Drama Queen ::

Please don’t make another drama, or i will have to write the script for real,

Coz then, it will have to be the end of your acting career.

And if you dare to call that a ‘fitna‘, then i dare u to speak the truth.

With all the proof i have, i don’t think i need to show it when in the end.

Our body will speak itself for the word and action we did.

Don’t need a lawyer to defend myself.

Not following your next season

Ive had enough.


You can lie to everyone but no matter how hard you try to cover your lies, you know that you are just lying to yourself.  In the end you can’t lie to Allah for Allah knows what is hidden and concealed. As i said,the body will speak for every word & action we did in this world. Please don’t cross the line you’ve already crossed *sigh *


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