Back & Stronger!

Im back…and stronger!

No doubt criticism will come and ive heard a lot but nothing is better than my own parents (and about to hear more after this..alright alright…i”ll work on my grammar ok!)

As for what happened in the past, its history. End of one chapter, beginning a new chapter. Picking up some broken pieces here and there but don’t worry, broken heart wont break me, it makes me stronger to face this cruel world out there. After all, what is life without a challenge,right? Be it good or bad, i thank and welcome every one of it, if it wasn’t for both in my life, i doubt i will ever taste the sweet and bitterness of life.

Like my dad say, at least now i have a good script to transform it into a drama. As much as it will make a good script drama, i think i have enough drama already in my life.  So, no thank you dad, i am going to have to disagree on this.

Someone once said that i am like a Sponge (bob),so i ask why?Because you absorb everything including dirt. Now that i have absorb everything. I guess its time to wash away everything including dirt. Thanks to You-Know-Who for giving me the best advice, indeed i learn from the best  and i wish you all the best too 🙂

As Shakespeare once said,

” the world is like a stage, everyone is an actor where they have their own part to play “ (something like that)

Now that the world is just a stage,its either we play our part well (be it small or big) or we just enjoy the show (“,)

Therefore, to end this show – post, i dedicate this lovely medley of the late MJ by Sam Tsui to anyone reading this, though i prefer the original version but hey this one is not so bad,right? So everyone…


Owh and i don’t know if you have seen this but this one is rather interesting except the last part *sigh*

And this piece, let’s just forgive and forget and put everything behind . Life is just too short to make it short (“,)


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