Remembering First Year

Its exam week and i am stressed, so i channel my stress into editing these old video that i recorded during my first year.

A compilation of our YKT 102 presentation where all of us acted on stage for our course work.

It sure was a moment to remember because that was the time when we actually ‘knew’ each other and deep down, no matter how much the pressure that our lecturer have given us on every assignment we did, we thank them for giving us a reason to come up with the ideas and performed our best,right?

Personally, i would like to thank Dr. Hamima for coming up with this idea for our assignment,  it was really a hard task since that most of us did not have any ‘acting’ skill. It was something what we call as our first time especially as first years. Too bad this course no longer assign their student to perform like this coz im sure it will give the same impact to them the way we did.

Anyway, thanks to my groupies: Ai Chen, Asrina,Linda,Sartini, Serene,Radhiah,..owh i think i can’t remember the last one already haha but anyway, thanks to all of you for making the best out of it, it was a pleasure to work with you all.

As for the last video, is a compilation of my orientation week when i first enter the university. Gosh, time sure flies and im already in my final year. hoho. I sure will miss this place when i graduate. To all my junior friends , good luck in your exam. May we all pass it with flying colours. Good luck in your graduation next year, i still have some things to settle before i graduate. Just taking my own sweet time before i put on that robe.

Good Luck!! (“,)


Wali Band – Mari Shalawat

shalatullah salamullah, ‘ala Thaha Rasulillah
Shalatullah salamullah, ‘ala Yasin Habibillah
Tawasalna bibismillah, wa bilhadi Rasulillah,
wa kulli mujahidin lillah, bi ahli badri, ya Allah

Daripada kita pacaran
Lebih baik kita shalawatan
Daripada kita berduaan
Nanti bakal di hasut setan

Awas jangan dekat-dekatan
Kitakan belum ada ikatan
Daripada dekat-dekatan
Mending kita shalawatan

BUkan aku tak suka padamu
Bukan aku tak mau denganmu
Tapi aku mau liat dulu
Setebal apa imanmu

Sudahlah engkau lupakan
Anggap saja kita ta’arufan
Sudahlah jangan kau pikirkan
Mending kita shalawatan

SEE ALSO  (“,)

Spanish Movie Week Part 2


This is the scariest Spanish movie i have ever watched. I was surprised to see how they made this movie to be so scary with only a single match for example to make it so scary. Most of the audience was restless through out the movie and we were all stressed out to figure out who is the real killer.

Okay okay this movie is about Angela, who is doing her thesis (master/phd im not sure) in School of Mass Communication in a university (not in usm definitely!) . She was doing a research on violence on TV so she ask her supervisor to get some real violence video’s at the library since that he have the access.

So, the supervisor went there and found a stack of videos in a hidden underground basement at the archive. After he have watched the movie, he was found dead and Angela happens to drop by at the death scene and took the video that the supervisor watched.

She felt a bit reluctant though to watch the video fearing that whatever her supervisor have watched will be too violent that lead to his death. Finally, she watched the video with a classmate, Chema and was shocked to see that its a video of a mysterious guy torturing and killing by cutting a girl off to pieces whom Chema recognized to have been reported  missing last two year.

This act of filming was called as ‘Snuff‘ , whereby psycopath serial killer tend to record their victim’s suffering as they torture and kill their victim. How far these phenomenon goes , i don’t dare to think of it but as I googled, there are cases  of such Snuff movie which one of the famous known cases was done by Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka and they are really crazy killer couple !!

Ok ok back to the movie..

As the story goes, they met a former classmate of Vanessa (the missing girl) , Bosco and his girlfriend who doubted that Vanessa ran away with a guy. So, Angela pretended to make a research of Vanessa and made a video interview with Bosco.

By then, it turn out that the new lecturer who took over as her supervisor could be the murderer along with Bosco also as a suspect. In the end, Chema was also a suspect since that he was also Vanessa’s class mate that things got so complicated we couldn’t figure out the real killer.

Everything was so tensed that it was until the end of the movie, we finally felt relieved to know the real killer.  From wikipedia, the movie received numerous award in Europe and with only a small budget and camera trick to create a certain scene that seemed so real, the film maker managed to put it all together so good that you just stuck there and watch it till the end.

As a student studying on this field itself, a standing ovation to Alejandro Amenábar, for making such a brilliant ‘pelicula’ @  film. Bravo!!!!!

Porque Te Vas -Jeannette OST ‘Tu Vida En 65’


Por Que Te Vas

Hoy en mi ventana brilla el sol

y el corazon
se pone triste contemplando la ciudad

porque te vas.

Como cada noche desperte

pensando en ti

y en mi reloj todas las horas vi pasar

porque te vas.

Todas las promesas de mi amor se iran contigo.
me olvidaras
me olividaras.
Junto a la estacion hoy Ilorare idual que un nino

porque te vas
porque te vas

porque te vas
porque te vas

porque te vas.

Bajo la penumbra de un farol

se dormiran
todas las cosas que quedaron por decir

se dormiran.

Junto a las manillas de un reloj

todas las horas que quedaron por vivir


Todas las promesas de mi amor se iran contigo


In French!!

 In Bollywood…???? LOL!!!

(This one came out in 90’s while Jeanette sang in 70’s ok!)


 Why Did You Leave?

Today in my window the sun shines

and heart
is sad watching the city

Why did you leave?

As every night I woke

thinking of you

my watch and saw all the hours pass

Why did you leave?

All the promises of my love be with you.
I forget
olividaras me.
Next to the station today that a child Ilorare idual

Why did you leave?

Why did you leave?

Why did you leave?
Why did you leave?

Why did you leave?

Under the dim light of a lantern

fall asleep
all things left to say

fall asleep.

Along with the handles of a clock

all hours left to live


All the promises of my love go with you

Spanish Movie Week is back!!!!

Went to Spanish movie week and watched these awesome movies, two down 3 to go.

 Update later~~

p/s: Most of the part was censored during the screening..please forward wherever necessary 😉

* * *

Tu Vida En 65

This one surprised me especially towards the ending. What i thought was going to be a happy ending, suddenly everything change and left us wondering what actually happened in the end. Perhaps the film maker wants us to think it ourselves of what happened or the message behind that movie.

Its about 3 friends who went to a wrong funeral whom they thought is one of their class mate. One of them end up falling in love with the  sister of that dead person and was afraid to tell the truth. But when he did, he died afterwards without knowing how he died.

It questions about death,and why people don’t talk about death. The main character himself, suddenly wonders why people tries to go back to normal as soon as they can , pretending nothing happen afterwards. His father died when he was 12 and everytime he goes to the mall and a few other places that he used to do with his father, it reminds him of his father.

In the end, we find ourselves full of question because that character died without the movie explain how he died. Quite a funny movie as the story goes though, it connects on some previous childhood memory by each of these friends which later connects to their life now.

The people they once love actually came back in their life when they grow up, some of them was surprised to know that these people lives so near to them when before, they didn’t know who that person is.

Overall?  – Lovely!!!



Its about a girl who went to mythical place name Obaba in Spain to shoot whatever video for her assignment which turn out to be a story about a class of students who once went to school in Hostal Obaba.

Hostal Obaba consist students from different age studying at the same class so u can find students as young as 6 till 16 sharing the same class room with one teacher to teach them everything.

I came late this one, so i miss out the first half an hour. However, it was still worth watching especially to see Granada as the background setting of the movie base on the way the road was made and a sneak peek of Al Hambra as one of the character opens the door of a church nearby. Owh how i miss Granada that very moment!

All of the students have their own story to tell and all of them was told in a flashback but without being obvious that its a flash back until the story starts to connect. Like why there’s a women who hate this men and accuse him of lying , or why one of them became crazy when actually when he was small, he accidently pushed his sister down the river whom later ‘haunts’ him till he end up in asylum and many stories behind each character as the girl uncovers the truth behind the class of Hostal Obaba.

Its not really a horror movie, more less like a story that connects with other stories at the same time. Though it kept bringing the audience back and forth from present to past but it was nicely done.

Overall ? – Muy Bien…!!!

Papadom is cracking….GOOOOOODDDDD….!!!!!!!



Finally after weeks of postponement to watch that very cracking movie, me, kak wah and Ying went there. hoho.Certainly that movie cracked a lot of jokes. We were laughing all the way till the end. Especially on Que Haidar’s nerdy+sensitive+cute way of acting his character.comel ok!!!!

As most might know, its about Saadom who runs a ‘nasi kandar’ with Papadom as his speciality, an overprotective father ever since his wife died. So, to fulfill his promise that he will never leave his daughter like he always does when the business starts growing, he never leave his daughter, Maisara till SPM.

So, now that Maisara are going for her university year which she was almost sent to a university in Penang (Which we could have expect USM as the location if it wasn’t the story line changes hehe) Anyway, Maisara got so tired of her dad protection that she made her dad to promise not to come to uitm ( i hate u! hoho ) during her study year.

So he did – NOT!! And many things happen when her dad became the gardener just to watch out for his daughter whereabouts in case anything happen. It was more hilarious to see the ‘ghost’ of his wife joining along through out his ‘mission’. Just a sneak spoiler, I love the first part when he first see his wife – a pocong hahahahah

What was more close to my heart was to see Maisara taking Mascom and went to her first lecture by Prof Balqish (Vanida Imran is soooooooo beautiful!!!), and some of the lectures on ‘x wujud dlm kekosongan’ rings the bell right away.

As part of Maisara’s assignment is to make a short film which i went through that back then. Owh im soooo going to miss my university when i graduate! *sobs*

And guess what the short film was about? hehe…guess it right? Good! Guess it wrong? Go and find out yourself 😉

Overall, it kinda look like a typical malay movie but don’t underestimate coz there’s more than just a piece of Papadom to crack your day. Papadom! You made my day!! Love it!!!!

Totally awesome!!!