Happy Birthday or Happy ‘GIVING’ Birth Day?

Last Friday, me and my family went to QB to celebrate my sis birthday…well we don’t really celebrate….just i thought of buying a slice of cake so we just went there for dinner because they sell cake as well…which.. i am ‘forced’ by ‘you know who’ to write here about the meaning of birthday… =P

Birthdays…is actually the day of giving birth..so theotically speaking, its actually, we should be saying Happy Giving Birth Day to our mom who had to endure the whole 9 month (some earlier than that), plus minus the labour pain and all rather than celebrating it for ourselves?

So, all that presents we’ve been receiving through out our life , including the ones that our parents been giving every year which some might be sulking for not remembering their birthday, i suppose by the next birthday, we ought to rethink about who’s birthday we are celebrating


* Happy giving birthday to my mom & sister =P


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