S for Sudirman ;)

I was watching Majalah 3 on a  tribute to Sudirman for my assignment and i just can’t help feeling sad every  time i watch it.
even though i was not there during his stardom. i was only 7 😦

But looking back at his video and how he perform his show, is totally different than any other artist nowadays. The only one who is close enough to his way of performing (which is to entertain and not just singing their hearts out and go off the show) is Sitinurhaliza (with respect to other very good singer)

Perhaps its true, legends or these really talented people comes only once in a certain era. From whatever kind of background these people is famous for like Yasmin …sometimes i still can’t believe she’s gone 😦
P.Ramlee…and all..they are special in every way.

Sudirman song have been very close to me, every time its Eid, i will look forward of “Balik Kampung” song and sing my heart out as we travel back to Johor/Perlis. Even when i was in Ireland,i had to resist from listening to his song so that i would not feel too sad not being able to go back to Malaysia. Flashback of me singing that song all the way to my ‘kampung’ will be flashing on me every time i hear it. My first Raya abroad & alone, who wants to be there without your family…????

Some people say his song esp “Salam Terakhir” is ‘haunted’ but for me, its because he really sang his heart and soul into the song that made us all touched with his song. I could cry listening to his song because it will remind me of the people i love who have passed away, but the most thing that i would be close to tears is when i would wonder what happens if i die later? Will i be able to say good bye?

Okay..okay don’t panic..i am in pink of health..its good to remind ourselve on death so that we don’t live as if we are to live forever and appreciate people you have now while making our life as meaningful as we can. Life is just too short to make it short ( to those who’s wasting their time on drugs and all )

Hurm…back to what i was saying…i hope that in the future, i can be like Sudirman. Not as a singer but his love to his work, patriotism, and all his good traits as well as other talented people like Yasmin’s, P.Ramlee into showing how special we are as Malaysian,making the best out of every work they do,  bringing originality into their work will one day achieved by another  ‘S’….Sakiinah 😉

p/s: To those who don’t know Sudirman, he’s a singer, entrepreneur & a lawyer!



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