The bussiest week ever…!!!

1Malaysia 😛

Hey whoever reads my blog, sorry for the late ‘real’ updates.  I was pretty much busy for the past three weeks, with assignments and presentation rolling over one after another.I guess i just finish up my assignments and summarize the whole story later hehe.

Well first was the Oral presentation, which i pretty much crap about my exchange experience. Surprisingly, one of my classmate, a first year made his presentation along with a pilotresarch survey on the Fashion sense of USM student. Darn an APEX,ok!!

So,after all that is done, i was working on my essay for my TV Production which by the time dateline is due to be submitted, the lecturer decided to postpone till 1st September which i plan to finish half of my essay by the last few days till submission date. Oh well, i’ll just put that on hold until im done with my shooting for my TV Production.

Finally the pressure is on, sacrificing the last 4 days of my remaining semester break. We went off for some shooting nearby USM and Bazaar Ramadhan for our ‘Rencana’ & News report segment which we have to do for the other group we are collaborating.

* i almost step on this baby python on the way back to my hostel..fobia till now..!! The funny part is that the guard was also afraid to remove the snake and ask me to step on it..???? crazy!!!

Confused? Like this….

Two group of Five each will pair up to make a TV programme, Group A – us…will have to make the content…rencana & news to fill the slot of Group B’s TV program while Group B will have to prepare the LIVE show for our studio recording. Just imagine as if Group A is the production house who makes all the movies/drama/tv program while Group B is the TV station who does all the talk show at their studio, so they will have to set up all the camera’s and all which they will later tell us the flow of the programme while the Group A member will be the cameraman as the supporting technical member hehe. Comprende? Muy Bien! 😛

After 3 days of shooting and 3 days of editing, we finally finish our video. With some major post-production syndrome where we practically annoyed by our own acting because we had to listen to our voice and all the songs in the video for  like a million times already. Both the Directors/Scriptwriter – me and Hajar could not even look at it anymore  LOL!

Thank God Komala & Gary is the editor, i don’t think i can see myself in the mirror anymore by the end of the day!

Things was pretty much challenging, one,when we did our Rencana, we could not shoot at Kopitiam which we plan to shoot, i dont know what the Nepal waiter say to the boss because i can’t understand a word what he says. So, we changed to MaryBrown, which luckyly we get the permission without having the permission letter at that time hehe we shoot the day before ramadhan starts so we had a lot energy that time compared to the Bazaar Ramadhan, esp the fact that we are surrounded by food.

Whats worse is that it even rained heavily when we started shooting so by hook or by crook we had to shoot it since that we are due to return the camera by the next day so there’s no way we can get it done by tmr. So “Be it rain or shine” ( taken from our script, see how bad it was to listen to the same script over and over again in our editing???)   we had to shoot whatever available….better get something than nothing,right?

Turn out it was quite a good take, because it reflected that ppl still comes to the bazaar no matter if it rains or not, and we got this 1 minute of moving clouds changing from grey to sunshine which perfectly matched our script hehe it was my script actually, but everyone was doing an awesome job and played their part regardless of the rain and all. Thanks girls ( & guy lol..!!!!)

* Gary was locked inside the school, its only after En. Zain came and dial the password he finally gets out lol. Took a nice picture of a ‘Prison Break’ behind the bars haha

caught red handed!!!:P

Now that is over, i had to present for my minor subject , Political Science, damn freaked out by everyone as i ask question by the end of the presentation. No wonder ppl always ask me not to ask Q on their presentation LOL! How am i suppose to know if you understand what i said if i don’t ask question..???? 😛

Now that all is done, i be finishing up the rest of my essays starting from the postponed TV production, then both TV Studies for the next 2  weeks. And then, prepare for my exam and im FREE…!!!!!!

Hurm, seriously thinking of being a lecturer which ive been running away from so that i can go on sabbatical to go for BACKPACKING one day!! Plus, you get sponsored to travel for any academic related visits/conference and all for FREEE…!!!!! Hoho

To be or not to be…that is the question 😉

Here’s some pictures of the shooting we did, enjoy~~~


Happy Birthday or Happy ‘GIVING’ Birth Day?

Last Friday, me and my family went to QB to celebrate my sis birthday…well we don’t really celebrate….just i thought of buying a slice of cake so we just went there for dinner because they sell cake as well…which.. i am ‘forced’ by ‘you know who’ to write here about the meaning of birthday… =P

Birthdays…is actually the day of giving theotically speaking, its actually, we should be saying Happy Giving Birth Day to our mom who had to endure the whole 9 month (some earlier than that), plus minus the labour pain and all rather than celebrating it for ourselves?

So, all that presents we’ve been receiving through out our life , including the ones that our parents been giving every year which some might be sulking for not remembering their birthday, i suppose by the next birthday, we ought to rethink about who’s birthday we are celebrating


* Happy giving birthday to my mom & sister =P

My article is out!!!! Globalia Magazine 6th Edition!!!

Finally, my looooooooooooooooooong awaited article is out hoho…

Check it out :

Return of a Sultanate

(Page 34-37)

Globalia Magazine

6th Edition

* Get your copy NOW =P

( I welcome any comments @ criticism on the article above . Hoho. Thank you for reading )




ive always wanted to write about my dad..a book perhaps? but i guess a post for a start lol

so here we go… (sambil doa x kena ‘lecture’  balik nnt lol u dared me to write kan? haha)

this is a (true) story about my dad @ Abi:

(1)..its his birthday today..thats why im writing this post hehe so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABI….!!!!! 😉

52 everyone..does he look anything like a 50+ ????

You taught me how to fish & let go if i caught the wrong fish because you said, why do we have to stay hooked on one fish when we can go fishing elsewhere?

* * *

(2)..the consequences having a lecturer as your father, will only result to a lecture for the rest of your life.. (my mom have always been a ‘lecturer in training’ way before that lol)

(3)..he will miss my mom whenever she’s outstation, even after a week, you’ll find him booking a flight ticket just to be with her. no kidding! it happens (MANY times) <–calon menantu sila ikut perangai bapak mentua mcm ini 😛

(4)..he’s always there to give that moral support u need every time im down, and was all up waiting for my operations to end.

(5)..the most precious gift he gave is a kiss (*blush*) on my forehead when my parents went to hajj, that was the first time ( doesn’t mean u can give it after that..certain extreme situation je boleh! )

(6)…never wake him up in the middle of the night to pray if you wear ‘telekung’…should u wake him..please take 10 feet steps away afterwards for ‘safety measure’ 😛

(7)…never fails to say the right word at the right time..until he gets philosophical 😛

One quote i still remember is  “Make glorious mistake”

(8)… .he likes to go to mamak (EVERYDAY!) so if he takes me to malay restaurant,that means he’s trying to ‘pujuk’ me everytime we ‘fight’ hehe

(9) usual..he still cant figure out how to use his handphone until now as much as he tries to be ‘updated’ hehe ada ka patot tukar hp sebab i got a better hp than him…??? jeles la tue..

(10)..i will save the best for last in another post hoho….tunggguuuu…… 😉

S for Sudirman ;)

I was watching Majalah 3 on a  tribute to Sudirman for my assignment and i just can’t help feeling sad every  time i watch it.
even though i was not there during his stardom. i was only 7 😦

But looking back at his video and how he perform his show, is totally different than any other artist nowadays. The only one who is close enough to his way of performing (which is to entertain and not just singing their hearts out and go off the show) is Sitinurhaliza (with respect to other very good singer)

Perhaps its true, legends or these really talented people comes only once in a certain era. From whatever kind of background these people is famous for like Yasmin …sometimes i still can’t believe she’s gone 😦
P.Ramlee…and all..they are special in every way.

Sudirman song have been very close to me, every time its Eid, i will look forward of “Balik Kampung” song and sing my heart out as we travel back to Johor/Perlis. Even when i was in Ireland,i had to resist from listening to his song so that i would not feel too sad not being able to go back to Malaysia. Flashback of me singing that song all the way to my ‘kampung’ will be flashing on me every time i hear it. My first Raya abroad & alone, who wants to be there without your family…????

Some people say his song esp “Salam Terakhir” is ‘haunted’ but for me, its because he really sang his heart and soul into the song that made us all touched with his song. I could cry listening to his song because it will remind me of the people i love who have passed away, but the most thing that i would be close to tears is when i would wonder what happens if i die later? Will i be able to say good bye?

Okay..okay don’t panic..i am in pink of health..its good to remind ourselve on death so that we don’t live as if we are to live forever and appreciate people you have now while making our life as meaningful as we can. Life is just too short to make it short ( to those who’s wasting their time on drugs and all )

Hurm…back to what i was saying…i hope that in the future, i can be like Sudirman. Not as a singer but his love to his work, patriotism, and all his good traits as well as other talented people like Yasmin’s, P.Ramlee into showing how special we are as Malaysian,making the best out of every work they do,  bringing originality into their work will one day achieved by another  ‘S’….Sakiinah 😉

p/s: To those who don’t know Sudirman, he’s a singer, entrepreneur & a lawyer!