Al Fatihah To Yasmin Ahmad

She’s gone. With only one stroke and she’s gone – forever. How short life can be and out of the sudden God can take you away or those you love. To the family of Yasmin Ahmad, i hope everything goes well over there and my prayers follows with you.

As for a certain newspaper, please don’t ever published pictures of people in ward with all the tubes esp when they are in coma. Plus, i still remember the picture that some newspaper did not have a slight heart to publish pictures of Sitinurhaliza‘s father with his face seen and half of his body covered with white cloth just because you get to snap Siti crying beside her father’s body. Gosh…!!!

As for those who don’t know Yasmin Ahmad , here’s some of her works that is worth watching, i’ll just paste the poster, the rest you have to find it in YouTube.

“I wept recognizing that no one was perfect, and that if we expected to be loved for all our imperfections, why are we so reluctant to accept and forgive the imperfections of others?”

Yasmin Ahmad, The Film Maker


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