Counting days….(hari2 mengeluh)

Ok the last post was a bit tooooooo long…right? That is just half of the story about Dinar, will be setting up another blog to tell people all about Dinar (sila bagi gaji in advance ok! haha), the one that i posted is just where to get the Dinar, the rest of it, i think Dr.M have said enough about it. Right? Btw, im just promoting that dinar, not working with them.

Anyway, right now ive been counting the days till my semester starts this 6 July, i can’t even imagine that i would be counting the days. Sigh. I have practically NO ONE to hang out with like i was before, everyone will be graduating this August and they have already been scattering around the country to work. Even the number of student intakes is reducing in a big number, like one hostel is just around 100+ . Sigh. (xleh nak dgr suara ppms jerit2 suruh beratur ahahha)

I wonder what will happen when i start my semester with the junior, will they be nice? will they be bad? all i wish is that to be friends with them the way i am friends with the rest of my friends before. Plus, at least ada orang nak hang out lagi heehehe.. maaf kawan-kawan…anda sudah keluar..saya belum..huwaa….!!! (toughen up,sakiinah!!)

Ok talking about Counting, i came across this Count Von Count from Sesame Street.

Totally bring back my memories which i can’t remember most of the cartoons i love to watch except for Sesame Street, Anamaniacs and Power Ranger (guess my favourite ranger – PINK! lol).

Tahukah anda saya mimpi balik ke sekolah dan cikgu suruh buat latihan math yg saya benci itu?

-4+6 = ??

*dlm mimpi pon salah kira. Mamak! Kira!


I didn’t know his name until i google it lol only know that he is a dracula so oklah tu kan? hee… my favourite sesame street is of coz the adorable elmo and im like tempted to buy Tickle Me Elmo when i saw him in Argos the last time i was in Cork. But, i doubt my bag will fit by the time i go back to Malaysia, plus im too ego to buy such a kiddie little thing hehe. Satu hari nanti mahu beli utk anak , tapi sebenarnya utk mak -lah kui3

    * This brilliant new Elmo tells stories, makes jokes, plays games and sings...but with a new twist!
Sapa tak tergugat..???
  • This brilliant new Elmo tells stories, makes jokes, plays games and sings…but with a new twist!
  • He comes to life waving his hands, moving his head and legs, sitting up and down on his stool and actually moving his mouth in synch whilst he chats.
  • Children can activate the magic with a tickle or a squeeze of Elmo’s foot, tummy, back or nose.
  • Requires 6 x AA and 3 x button cell batteries (included).
  • For ages 18 months and over. (AND OVER tue so that makes me eligible hahaha…!!!)

Wedding bells wedding bells…save the best for last lol but not me-lah. Yg pasti, within next two years, no one is ‘allowed’ to get married (unless i am marrying someone rich enough to cover everything lalalala ) , nak kawin pon kena ikut turn ok…kalau dah jumpa sure boleh joint venture..ini belum jumpa..apa nak buat? Nampaknya the target 10.10.2010 will not happen lol. Saya tamau kawennnn….!!!!

Owh ok. drama queen melanda.up next..will be taking my license hopefully during the next semester break sebab nanti nak internship Apr-June kena tau drive baru senang mau pegi keje. Jalan KL…oh Tuhan! selamatkan saya dari kena darah tinggi ok! So, wish me luck…err..wish kaki sampai kot dulu lol!

As for now, i pretty much stay at home doing nothing everyday, mahu pergi cinema tgk Transformer tapi nasib baik x pegi sebab tiket fully booked 1 week in advance. Hampess…niat nak tgk online pon x jadi sebab internet sini lembap…asik putus2 …x mcm Germany. Streamyx memang sentiasa memberi harapan palsu. Sigh~

Sekian Berita Terkini

p/s: Spain kalah dgn USA.huhu. T_T


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