Shara Azlin Jalil, I Salute You!!

Its only 2 days since my so-called last post but i have started blogging again. Sigh. But this post, i really want to post it up. After like 2 month in Germany i finally get to read the ‘Malaysian’ paper where i came across an article about a female pilot from Air Asia. At first i was not really bothered to read, i was like, yeah, another female pilot, so what?  Even when it was mentioned that she writes blog, i feel like its just part of an advertising method to promote Air Asia but then when i open her blog, she can write,man!

The article says, she’s following her father footstep. A former pilot for Malaysia Airline and now moved to Fire Fly. She inspire to be the first Malaysia Airline female pilot but then she got AirAsia instead. As i think back, its not easy to fly a plane and if she’s just some 15 minit fame celebrity, one thing for sure, she’s for REAL, her skill is real because she is dealing with almost 400++ passangers in her hand so there’s no way its just another pilot.And now, she’s flying the plane to London…!!! Thats it, my next stop!! One day, i will take the flight and meet the pilot herself..!!!!

So, to Shara Azlin Jalil, i salute you!! One day i will fly ‘with’ you and see for myself how you land the plane. Hoho can i watch you at the cockpit? I promise i will be a good passenger *wink wink*


8 thoughts on “Shara Azlin Jalil, I Salute You!!

  1. Dear sakinah,
    Thank you for the wonderful post. Knowing that somebody out there believes in me, made me realise how lucky I am. Alhamdullilah.. This is an old picture of me! It was taken about a year ago I think. I was a second officer back then. Alhamdullilah, all of my hardwork, and dealing with people and other obstacles actually paid off. I always tell myself that, we can do anything if we set our mind to. It is actually a sentence from my favourite song by a rapper! =)
    Again, I wanna thank you and i really hope that everyone will do their best in achieving their dreams. Most of them do it half way and in the end they just give up in everything. Everything if possible, its all in their hands. Keep in touch and i hope i can be ur ‘driver’ on day! 😉


  2. wow im so impressed with you .actually i want to be a pilot ,but is there any chance to go to flying academy if our spm result is not so good . i know that requirement to be a pilot is so high. i will do my best to study hard in flying academy if i have given a chance . so what do you think ……lastly im very sorry if my english is worst and cannot be understand.


    1. me too relly2 to become a pilot. but nothing looks like i can be it. yarr eduction highgers from skill and spiritully. And if the plane more like a car as we know today. maybe we can fly it just like we drive a car without licence and no body know went we go get it a car licence in acdemy. we going easy yarrr hahaha…


  3. assalamualaikum…. i’m zamrin, 17, i wanna be a pilot but i’m worried bout my eyes.
    i’m color blinded but not really bad. there r few colors dat i’m confused like purple.
    so, cn i still become a pilot one day?


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