Even though our flight was delayed for 10 hours due to an engine problem, it was worth waiting for.

1) At least the problem is fixed now than on ‘air’

2) We got to know a lot of Malaysians in the same flight that sort of bond us together as we always eat together everytime it was delayed

3) We got 2 food voucher worth 2o Euro each for our lunch & dinner plus another voucher on the way back to Penang as a compensation.

4) We almost get 1 night hotel but some passangers insisted to take off the same day while we rather let them take as long as they want to be 100% sure that the engine is fixed.

So yeah…it was worth waiting for though after all the trouble.  Till now.

* Highlight of the day. Someone was caught stealing a handbag in the middle of the flight? Like hello, wait till we arrive kot at least???


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