Aqua Vermi Ponic Intergrated Fish Farming

Went here on the way to the fishing place, its part of my dad’s research on vermiculture so we drop by to see how they are doing in UK. Quite surprised to see how advanced they are compared to Malaysia and they really make full use of the farm meaning they integrate almost everything, the business,commercial,and the social aspect of it.

We met Alberto, one of the project manager, originally from Philiphine but work years in Hawaii, US and now UK.  He work in a number of different place but always the same field,aquaculture before he slowly rise up till now. Part of his research was also something with the aquaculture so thats why he could talk almost everything about fish 😛

Anyway, we had a long conversation,so  long that there’s just too many to say. So, just to summarize, the farm is somehow an integrated farm. They grow worm to feed  the fish,sell the worms for 1 kg 25 Poundand also make organic fertilizer,its called Vermicompost. The worm are used to feed the fish for export (aquaculture) so the water waste from the fish will be use to water the vegetable where you can sell and use as your daily veggies  (hidroponics and non-hidroponic method) while the waste from vegetable itself will be use to feed the worm back creating a whole cycle again.

The interesting part is that the farm is used as a place where  all the ‘bad’ students to work on the farm along with  two supervisor and undergo several phsycological and education method which somehow help them to become a good student back. One of the reason said to be the cause of these students ‘bad’ behaviour is that they don’t ge their breakfast so this place provides free breakfast in a healthy way, meaning they have to eat their veggies which the students end up eating healthy food as they never did before.

Other than that, its also a place for community service so all the offenders will be  doing their community service here which somehow changes their character especially when they get to feed the fish. Somehow they turn on a new leaf in various way. Meaning, it also acts as an education & social purpose.Here how it works:

Going ‘green’ anyone?



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