Manchester Part 1

Finally! After  almost 2 hours by car to Dusseldorf Weeze, figuring which exit number on a map to the airport (there’s 3 airport nearby, Weeze is the furtherst airport though we get cheap flight). Anyway, one of the staff sent us there so we pretty much save that part. That person don’t really know much on how to get there so he printed out the direction from the internet…awww…we nearly lost our way since that neither of us could read the map (after math,i hate geography.)

That was just the beginning, at the immigration, i had to open my scarf. (Grr..) No use of protesting as i would definitely wont get anywhere if i did. But i sure wont take that airport anymore(darurat). There wasn’t any notice board mentioning our gate by the time we past the immigration, luckyly i realize there’s a notice board saying that we have to go to the other side to go to Manchester. And guess what, another immigration check and he sure knows how to make us scared by looking at our passport so long and questioning things like “You are here for 2 month, thats a long holiday” (In a cold sarcastic way.Gulp!)

Then, as we board the plane, they announced that we are arriving in 1 and half hour which is 1 hour more than the estimated time only to realize that they made a mistake announcing that bcoz we arrived on time. That was not the only mistake, just as we thought that we are flying, the plane stop and the stewardess was opening most of the front baggage case. For a second, i thought that the flight is cancelled until they announced that some of the passenger took the wrong plane. The next flight is to London, imagine if they made the same mistake and send them to another country?

As we ride the bus to Picadilly (the city centre), which the bus driver is forever fussy of not having enough change that they should provide, we ask a Malaysian couple to confirm about our next stop who turns out to be “I am a Malaysian but i don’t speak Malay” . If it wasn’t bcoz of her strong british ascent, i would have thought that she is either a “perasan mat saleh celup” or was kidding me. But she is already a ‘mat saleh’ from the way she talks and x noticing me calling her “kak” in Malay.

And so we arrive at my cousin’s place and went out to find RICE, my favourite spot only to find out its closed tho we have 30 mins before its closing time. huhu. So we walk back and drop by not so sedap rice at Abdul’s restaurant which we end up eating a bit and take away the rest since that people have started to que for their after exam party and some beggars walking around nearby looking for targets.

Goodness!! I hope everything will be okay tomorrow. InsyAllah (God willing). Amin


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