Have you ever entered a house and you smell something so familiar that it reminds you of something? Well,  I went to the bathroom in Latifah’s house,the wife of Qareem, another staff with 3 children that I am now staying due to certain circumstance.

When I entered the bathroom, I suddenly smell something so familiar to something I don’t know. I was thinking hard when was the last time I smell it because it seems that I haven’t smell it for quite some time. So, I searched for the smell and finally I saw a diaper, yes a diaper , more or less a used diaper LOL.

Okay..okay..smelling a diaper is definitely not my latest hobby but it made remember why I felt so close to it that it really made me feel nostalgic even though I don’t know why it made me feel such way. After some flashback moment, I realize that the smell of the diaper was the smell I always had to endure when I was changing my Mak Su (Aunt)  babies since Fauzan, Ira and Lutfi was born.

Every time I go back to my Mak Tok (grandmother) house, I would take turn changing their diaper with my siblings. Although it was not the best job anyone would be doing but holding a baby and changing their diaper can be quite fun that I kinda like it. Somehow  all of my Mak Su’s children smells exactly the same when they are still a baby. So, that smell kinda stick with me for quite some time. That it makes me miss that time. Hey hey… its not that I want to get married and be a mother or something.

Its just that, to come across this smell again, makes me realize that not just everyone have a different smell, every house have a different smell,   every place have their own smell that when you go there, you know that you have arrived at that place.

Just like the smell of your home, your country and wherever a place that you are close to being in that place. Reminds me of Suzz, a Holland exchange student to USM I met back when I came to pick her up at the airport . She said that somehow Malaysia have a different smell from other country she used to visit and made her feel right at home. Suzz have this thing about staying abroad, she gets homesick, but strange enough she doesn’t feel like that. Instead, she love it, the language, the food, everything about Malaysia that she is willing to learn as much as she can about Malaysia through out her exchange.

While I still figure out what kind of smell that Malaysia especially Penang have that made her feel such way other than the amount of garbage everywhere. It was until I went to exchange myself and now back here that I realize the differences. Funny that someone told me that a Malaysian they know missed Malaysia so much that he actually went to the garbage bin just to get the smell of Malaysia again.

Though its not the best smell one should be smelling but its kind of true. The way it stinks for a ‘mat saleh’ to smell what someone I knew says about the “Smell like Hell, Taste Like Heaven Fruit”  – Durian, or the Tempoyak , or the Pekasam, and all the bad smelled food to some but to us Malaysian, its certainly the smell that really makes you feel at home. That’s Malaysia, no matter how bad it smells but we still love it.. don’t you..???

One thing for sure, here I smell the freshness of the air even the strawberries, the air is not so smokey and all the rush smell like in KL or Penang. I smell flower due to the Spring season but nothing compared to the smell of the mixed smell of hawkers cooking from different race, all together from the roadside or the smell of my favorite Goreng Pisang deeply fried, or even my dear USM which always smell like living in a jungle with all its old tree and the smell of the grass everytime I pass under the trees nearby the convocation field or the Tasik Harapan recreation lake.

And nothing smells the best when I reach home by the next 21 days just so that I can say…

Home Sweet Home



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