Just got my health back, got heavy flu for the whole Sunday, followed by Fever the next day and sore throat until today.Was a bit worried that i catch Sinusitis again so hopefully there’s no sign of that bcoz it will be my worst nighmare huhu

Now, Laila & Zainab is sick so i guess its my turn to take care of them. Been going for a little sauna of my own with Chamomile flower and hot water bowl, pergh…sweat like rain! Guess its good that  Fatiha cancelled the Potsdam trip bcoz none of us were well enough to go anywhere. Well, i feel better now esp after the extra care by my ‘roomate’ haha thanks for taking care of me. Hope you wont catch my virus, else we wont be able to go to the Strawberry Farm tomorrow. hoho

Its Strawberry season now and we are going to pick some strawberries. Yay!!

When you are healthy, you want a thousand things but when you are sick, you only want one thing…



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