25 Things I Wrote While I Was Sick =P

Finally wrote the 25 things after much deleting and censoring, i guess this one is okay enough to publish haha. So, to those who have taken my “‘How Well Do You Know Me” , i bet you wont be able to answer any of this if i put these questions hoh. I got bored lying in the bed all day so here it goes….

1)      ‘Amirah’ was the name that my dad wanted to give me but my mom didn’t like it and name me ‘Sakiinah’ instead making me the only one who was named by my mother’s choice ,the rest was named by my father *grin*

2)      My dream wedding date when I was in high school would be 10.10.2010  but up till now I could not find anyone to fill the place  which I wonder if I should ask my parents to find it for me haha you find, i choose =P

3)      I love goreng pisang so much that I could finish the whole bag all by myself which means I love pisang as well.

4)      I am phobia of singing in the toilet bcoz my siblings once recorded my voice singing that ends my ‘singing career’

5)      I am afraid of getting flu bcoz i had sinusitis operation due to the flu, I couldn’t eat for 1 month and stay on liquid which I hate so much during the 2-3weeks in the hospital bcoz i had to drink with a tube through my nose.To insert the tube through my nose was so painful bcoz I have to do it twice bcoz my left nose is smaller than the right one

6)      The nurse who was supposed to do my BCG suspected me of drugs when she saw a lot of spots on my shoulder when its actually moles. Sigh~

7)      I had 3 major operation Bonedraft-2000,Jaw Alignment- 2003 and Rhinoplasty-2006 for my cleft palette treatment which is the most challenging time I have ever gone through

8)      Due to the Jaw Allignment, I have nearly 20 screw in my face bcoz they had to break some bone and screw it back to reconstruct my jaw, i was on soft diet for 2@3month before I could eat as usual. Soft diet means I can only drink liquid at the first few weeks, then blended food for the following week.

9)      I used to write my diary in a book before one(2..??? 3..???) of my siblings discovered and read it, so that’s why I moved to blogging since that I can make it private where nobody can read it. Take that! =P

10)   My favorite singer is Sitinurhaliza where I only start liking her since ‘Aku Cinta Padamu’ , the second album, I used to collect a lot of her picture, papers, magazine but never attend her concert except the free  Fantasia Tour in Penang. I prefer buying the album instead and follow her story on the internet which is more jimat environmental friendly (konon).

11)    I like to listen to Chinese song esp Jay Chou where I would listen to Chinese radio channel like MyFm,98.8 to find out who sang ‘Yi Fu Zhi Ming’ and listen to every word that might say the name of the artist.

12)   I was told that my great grandmother is Chinese, and being  Malay, I am also partly Jawa though I can hardly speak the language. I can only count 1- 10 and a few words I learnt from my sister in law..sister through sms.

13)   I like cooking  only when I have the mood to cook, my best cooking is Caramel Pudding and now Nasi Ayam.

14)   I have a hard time ironing my mom’s cloth bcoz she will ask me to iron again if the crease is still there  esp if its silk, so we made a deal that I will not iron anything that involve silk.

15)   If my mom don’t like ‘kedut’ (crease), I on the other hand don’t like ‘kelepet’ (folded) paper or magazine, every time I ask my friend to buy Sitinurhaliza magazine, I will warn them not to roll it or fold it bcoz I like it just the way it is

16)   My mom used to nag me on a lot of things that I can pretty much remember all her words at any situation before she can even say the word. All I have to do is look at her expression and I know what she will say. Its even more creepy when I can hear her words even she is not around every time I want to do something that she will definitely say something.

17)   I don’t like anyone to stir my Milo drink bcoz its too sweet for me,some people ask me why I didn’t just order without milk but I just like to have a little taste of the sweetness. So don’t touch my Milo when im not around!

18)   Most of my family esp my dad don’t eat chicken anymore unless its  ‘ayam kampung’ @ free ranged chicken bcoz its much healthier then the factory chicken so to know more about that, checkout Jamie Oliver Chicken-Out Campaign 😉

19)   I opened my own library in front of my house where I joint venture with another neighbor who was selling sweets to the children in the neighborhood.  I would write down the name of the borrower like a librarian but charge 50cent per book they borrowed. Oh and some instant cakes & soto packet back in high school. But i never did manage to expand it since i don’t have the heart to take a lot of profit lol!

20)   When I was small I have two ‘Bisul’ , one on my forehead (which i only know through picture) followed by another big one on my bottom which took almost 7-8 people to hold me down before my dad gets to treat me with a heated bottle to bring out the bisul.

21)   I am scared of needles ever since a nurse could not find my vein to get my blood where she tried almost 10-20 times before she can finally get the blood.

22)   I don’t like to eat dairy product like milk, cheese that is probably the reason why I am thin

23)   I am pretty much a Blind-Brand @ not so brand conscious bcoz I always think that branded things overcharge the price when it should be cheaper. I hate to buy things with labels printed on it esp LV,Nike which for me its like free advertisement .

24)    I don’t like to watch horror movie bcoz I can’t sleep after watching it thinking of the ghost in the movie. So far ive only watch less than 10 movie the whole life. One of the scariest for me  was 4Bia, and Dark Water

25)   I appeared once in Kuntum and Utopia magazine where I start to have 10-20 pen pals around Malaysia, now only one I am still in contact and another is now studying in the same university so it was a bit awkward to send letter anymore. That was the last time i ever appeared in any magazine bcoz every kids in my neighbourhood reads Utopia so i was kinda shy by the next 2-3 weeks of my ‘stardom’ ;P


*Aliza? She did 100 already LOL

* anyone haha

I used to look like this


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