For my B.F.F jugak!

I copy-pasted from Aisyah. Hehe.

Its just that im having flu right now, been sneezing since morning, collecting tissues, sore throat, and all so its the time where i remember someone brought me a Mc D porridge while i was sleeping in my hostel. Aaaw…that was the sweetest thing you did.

Though i wont deny the fact that it would be a lot more quicker if i had my mom here haha but i guess i’ll just have to wait for 19 more days for them to come. Yay!! Didn’t i tell you? They are coming here haha told ya you couldn’t leave without me hahaha see you in June.

As for my B.F.F, this one is for you (You know who you are even though you may not be the one who bought that Mc D )

U know,

Friends do come and go~


Don’t YOU go anywhere.



(i change my mind..i want my mommeee…)

p/s: Its not Swine Flu, im definitely sure of it!


nak cerita jugak….we went to a Chinese restaurant last friday and had a buffet for all thanks to Abu Bakr, and guess what? I had GORENG..Pineapple first i thought its Goreng Pisang but actually its not..

And they were all excited using chopstick that i had to tahan gelak sebab anak dia pegang chopstick kelakar gila ok..macam budak tadika belajar pegang pensil..hehe..tapi comellah tgk semangat juang utk conquer pegang chopstick hoho should have taken a picture that time.

Still, i got cokodok instead haha, i think that shop is owned by Malaysian sebab dlm menu ada “Malaysia Rasa” on its SATEE SAUCE..satay! ok! satay! hahaah tapi x jumpa plak satay…which kalau jumpa pon tak halal..wuwuw..makan ikan dgn potato sama sayur ja wawa..owh ada mee goreng jugak.. nasi goreng pon ada..bedal semua haahah org belanje..ape lagi kan kan..hoho

so thats about it..later~



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