Mellow Mark@ Sidi Daoud

Hey, just wanna introduce one of the German musician here, his name is Mellow Mark and he sings Reggae (i bet my AbgNgah will be listening to him after this hoho)

Actually, he’s a muslim now, his name is Daoud and guess what? He’s married to the daughter of my homestay family in Granada,Spain hoho what  a small world,right? No wonder ive been listening to reggae song in that house, i thought it was Bob Marley hehehe

Anyway,im posting this up bcoz recently he came by to help my homestay family move to the new house with 3 of his friends (band mate i think). artist coming to help with the moving? Nice huh?

p/s: He’s also running a contest in the European Reggae Contest 2009 so vote for him if you like 😉

Anyway, here’s a link to his website, enjoy~


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