4th week: Updates

Hey everyone.

Its the fourth week since ive arrived and that means im already here for almost 1 month already. Gosh! Cepat gila dah tinggal lagi sebulan hoho can’t wait to get back tho I wont be graduating like the rest of my friends but hey..looking at the economic  situation here, I guess I might have to consider myself lucky not to face that at least for another 1 @ 2 years more. Not that I don’t want to face it, but im still in the process of figuring what I will be doing after I graduate.  Haven’t made up my mind yet  so will figure that when the time come hehe

For now, the work here is quite nice, I get to write any topic I want (which must be related to a Global context) and since that it’s a quarterly magazine, I have more time to work on the article  esp the research part that takes most of my time. Writing gets easier once u have all the material, just that i hope I read more books or at least have more ‘english’ book that I can make my reference.  There’s  just so many things I don’t know (tho we can never know everything). Sigh~

As u all know, im writing on two topic which ive finished the Raja Nazrin article and now working on the government blog issue . This one is a bit tough bcoz it’s a global issue so, I think I will have to do intensive research after this. Tried to think of another topic in case this one doesn’t go well but I can’t think of anything so I guess I will have to take it as a challenge as usual.

 Except the grammar part, the editorial likes my article hoho can’t wait to see it published. And here’s some sneak preview of me in Germany hoho just for the first part, the rest …..to be continued =P



Anyway, we went to another shooting at the studio last Friday and interviewed a German muslim women who runs a women centre for more than 15years to help the women to solve their problem, make a seminar on woman issue, give out courses up to the extend of sponsoring children  to ensure they finish their school. She starts with only one person (herself) and now have 30 employee!!

Here’s the link www.bfmf-koeln.de   (the website is not that vavoom tho)

* BFMF: Begegnungs- und Fortbildungszentrum muslimischer Frauen

(The Meeting and Education Center of Muslim Women)

The centre was constantly visited by 25 nationalities from both muslim and non muslim and opens everyday, perhaps I get to visit the centre during one of our shooting later. If the weather is good next Friday, we will start our first shooting on European muslim here hoho.

Hopefully when its done,  we could start sending the prototype and collaborate with more TV station to document on the one we are working on and I know just the station that might be interested 😉




Sekian berita terkini =P


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