Happy Birthday ;)

To all these May girls…

3rd May > Atun & Nadia …..both belated hehe sorry xde internet time tue

 To Atun:  Balik nanti we’ll grab strawberry sundae together,ok? hehe

To Nadia: heh…mesti x sangka kan? come to Manchester 11-14 June and i’ll bring you to the stadium haha which is not going to happen sebab u balik Malaysia hahaha ajak x ikhlas =P


7th May > Kak Yan ……caramel as usual claim kat Msia =P


and last but not least  to my kakak ipar……


8th May >  Kak Siti….have a happy happy happy birthday…. ok?


Good luck in your finals to ALL of  you.

Here’s a birthday song exclusively from Beatles (edited version so tgk kat youtube je la..mcm bising la plak hehe)




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