I hate writing.  Really,it gives me headache.  Mainly because I had to think, I guess.

But the drive when we got what we want to write is what thrilling about writing.

The satisfaction of completing  what we write is what usually makes me feel good (which means I wont have headache anymore)

So here I am facing another headache.

I have to write.

For Globalia. (The magazine I mention before,remember?)

What its about?


What does it do in a global scope, for example, Obama uses blog for his campaign, and now even our PM (Malaysia) use blog since that the opposition uses blog. So perhaps the reason is simple, if you can’t beat them, join them?

But wait. What does it have to do if this happens to other government also in a long run? Will it be the end of journalism a.k.a media now that the government have their  own media? Will there still be space for journalist to ask questions or the gov can just give a press statement on their blog etc without really answering the Q ?

So much of giving such idea. A brilliant idea they say but to put that into words, getting the facts that don’t exist yet (bcoz no one ever wrote about it) …..i find myself into a big headache. I haven’t find the right topic for that. What say you?

A.      Blog – The end of journalism ?

B.      Governmental blog a new start or an end  for journalism?

C.       The end of journalism??????

D.      ………create your own topic

Oh that’s just a part of my headache, another headache is Raja Nazrin.  Gosh!! How am I going to write about that. He is one of the figures that I find very interesting to write about but I couldn’t find anything much about him accept how good people finds him and his speeches.

  Oh not to forget, i can’t find that part in the constitution mentioning the power of Sultan to choose whomever he deems to be able to run the government as Chief Minister. Why do they always write law in a complicated words??

Sigh.. Still don’t know what the right topic to write on him except that its about the return of the King  (hey that’s a good one,right? Mcm penah ku dgr hehe)

Tuanku if you read this, can I interview you please? Hoho Your last speech here was awesome!

So, readers out there I will most likely spend my time off the blog here until 15 May (My DEAD line).

Sign off.



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