Le Grand Chef @ The Grand Chef


Ok here’s another Korean movie that you have to watch. If you have seen,Dae JangGeum@ Jewel In The Palace http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dae_Jang_Geum,

 its more or less similar but this time its a guy cooking the whole thing.  So, you are to expect to see some glimpse of the costume that they used to wear during the Changjin times.

As for the  story itself its about two chef who used to be an apprentice of a famous chef from a well known cooking training house, one is the grandchildren and another is the grandchildren of another  famous chef who used to study together under a Royal Chef back during the King time. He chopped his own hands to avoid from cooking for the Japanese army.(Gheez..Hope thats not true)

So, as an apology by the Japanese government, they are helding a cooking competition in order to find the new owner of the knife. Guess who’s the top 2? Yes, the two apprentice. Whats interesting about this two? Well, one is obviously a high skilled chef who now owns the famous cooking house and another is just a humble little chef cooking for his own pleasure (actually he’s afraid of cooking due to an accident wink *wink*).

Ok i guess i be spilling too much info so go ahead and watch yourself ok. Just that when you reach to the Cow part..owh that is sooo sad..and how they ‘pesiang’ the Ikan buntal (Blowfish) …gosh~

There’s two way you can view:

Imeem (Part 1-8 FULL episode): http://www.mysoju.com/le-grand-chef/

Youtube (Till Part 10, the rest havent been uploaded): http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=vath0403&view=videos








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