* * *

Hey all, im back.

As u all know, im in Cologne,Germany now. So, to fill my time here me and Li Ying will be helping out with Globalia magazine and make videos relating to Islam/Muslims via their online TV.hoho.That explains the big Dr. M picture, he’s their first edition front page guy! Check out his story and oh my favourite story is about Halal Market Analysis page 16-19 😉


As for now, we don’t have anything spesific yet to do. Just that both of us is doing a brainstorming on what kind of videos we are going to shoot about. One of our first task is to make a video on the reality of European muslims life for the European muslim Union    so will see how it goes when we visit their mini studio next week.hehe

Apart from that,we’ll be doing some PR and networking esp the Asian market mainly Malaysia and perhaps write something about Malaysia but that depends if the editorial likes it. still a bit worried of my own writing huhu. So, anyone who is interested or know anyone who might be interested to subscribe/advertise/invest on Globalia, feel free to contact me. hoho.

Sign off~


p/s: Hari ini puasa..spring terasa begitu lama..huhu maghrib 840mlm T_T


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