Greetings from Germany

Hoho i am here again, no more hot weather (dasar minah saleh celup!) well it does get a bit hot when its noon esp but the morning is still a bit chilly. Sorry for the late update, just got the internet, in the office right now to see how the Globalia Magazine are all about. Luck;ly we brough our laptop, else we had to squeeze ourself to use the internet.

Anyway, first thing first. The ICE train from Frankfurt  Airport is damn lajuuu….take only 30 minute to arrive Siegburg (before Cologne) from the airport. They have shuttle bus so don’t need to spend too much except the train tix is freaking mahal. 55 Euro one way. Didnt get the 29 Euro instead because we have to book it 3 days early with Bahn Card which wouldcost another 100-200 Euro for the whole month or something. Not sure the details, later ask the Germans. hehe.

This past few days was spent by going to the World War museum on the German esp the Berlin Wall. Was quite interesting since that we don’t really know much about the Worl War except that Hitler was a cruel dictator. Whats interesting was that we get to see the things they madeout of the Bomb shells,blankets etc to make cloth and kitchen appliance. Imagine, an egg place out of a Grenade!! Too bad we were not allowed to take picture (though i manage to sneak my hp, but only get one picture snapped,too many bodyguards)

Li Ying seems to have a good time, don’t know why i feel normal as if im back in my own home haha. We were writing on the guestbook at the war museum in Bahasa Malaysia, the boys (Yusuf & Malik) was curious on what we are writing.  Sounded ‘skema’ to write in BM but we enjoyed the privildege to know at least one language that we nobody knows since that everyone is talking in German hoho.

It was a close call this morning when the girls (Laila,Zainab,Hanna,Khatija- lots of other children camefor Easter holiday to stay withthe family) talk about their dream guy or whatesoever man they are looking for coz then the bell rings where Qareem comes to fetch us to the office. Fewh~~ (girls these days!)

Ok till now. Off  for lunch and shopping in Asian shop. Hope to cook something Malaysian during ourstay, probably Ayam Masam Manis since that its not ‘pedas’ ehhe. Till now, Tschuss (bye)~~


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