Germany.. AGAIN ;P

This is a scheduled post where i will be leaving to Germany today for a homestay with Abu Bakr & Fatiha family again (German muslim family that i stayed with before).  Will be back next 21 June before i start my July semester hehe.

Along with this i am also bringing my finally own (partly paid myself) lappie…

Compaq CQ20-213TU (harga pada link bukan harga sebenar hoho) which i hereby name after my own ‘international’ nickname: ‘Kiki’ ^_^

Sorry for the short notice coz i really have lots to settle ever since. Just writing it here so that any of my friends in Malaysia will know why i wont be answering your calls @ sms later. Will keep on updating my stay there as usual.

To my friends back home, good luck in  your plans after graduation. See you all again during the convocation. Owh,to a bunch of ppl that i didnt get to farewell properly, no worries, i’ll be back soon enough for us to meet up again,ok?

And by the way, this time im going with Li Ying hoho that means i wont be alone anymore. Yay!!

Amoi chantek ;P
Amoi chantek ;P

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