Ive just came back from my  Wan’s (grandfather) funeral in Perlis who passed away last Monday. I don’t really have a lot of details, but perhaps due to old age. He wasn’t very well these few years,his health went through his ups and down. Still, no matter how hard it was to him, he sure is a strong person to live almost 100 year id say.

Since that back in those days, people don’t really know their age when the IC have started being used so people just register according what they think their age is at that time. So, Wan would most probably be around 90 years old.

From what ive been told, people almost thought that he have died during the wars since that they didn’t receive any news after a certain time. It is until his own ‘Tahlil’ (funeral prayers) that he suddenly turn up at the village…ALIVE.

I managed to ‘interview’ him some years before when he was healthy to tell his stories. He was an army back then so he travelled almost all the ‘Semananjung Tanah Melayu’ till Singapore. To recall, i guess he couldn’t even recall how many times he married and remarried, from his own memory, he would say almost 15 times where my grandmother now is the last one he is married to despite the 10-20 years age gap.

Despite that, i think its a bless to have such a wide range of ‘extended’ families base on these ties. I never knew that the cousins that i met every ‘Raya’ were actually cousins from the previous wive whom he is still in good relation with. So, it kind of brought us together knowing the fact that we are somehow related one way or another.

Perhaps because the history between both family doesn’t really matter to us since that is all just between them so we the new generation just wants to move on and preserve the relation existed. We are family after all.

I remember getting confused  with which Pak Teh from which side, or how come this cousin is a brother and the other one is also a brother to another when they have different mothers but the same father? Oh well, I was too small to understand that time anyway.

He even told me about his war experience where he would duck down whenever he hears the sound of the aeroplane when it pass by back during early independence due to the trauma. It took him some time to get used of the fact that we are finally ‘FREE’.

Personally i am not that close to him though i try to make conversation sometimes when im in Perlis.When he was healthy, he would be out driving to town to meet his friends, i don’t know where he goes but he will come back by the end of the day and bring at least something to eat. Usually, he’d bring Pulut Durian, Ayam Goreng (Wang Kelian@ Padang Besar) and we would fight our ways to whatever he brings home.

As times goes by, he stayed home due to his health. Seeing him at home is just amazing becuase he will end up ‘fighting’ with my grandmother about small issues like cats etc. They never fail to make me smile and make my day whenever i see them making a scene which will remind me of  ‘Full House‘ (korean drama). What a cute lil couple.

So, id be lying if i didn’t feel anything after knowing the news. It was just last month since i last met him. Despite all, im glad that the funeral went smoothly despite some rains but it stops by the time we have finished the prayers and everything. Alhamdulillah. May God bless him and protect him in every way through out the Final Day. InsyAllah.

p/s: Thanks to all the condolence & ‘doa’ received. May God bless your kindness as well. Fyi, no updates will be posted until further notice. Thanks


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