I came across a magazine that says something about the Prophet SAW who was born as an orphan. One part that caught my attention was the answer by Allah SWT on the Angels question on why He created a future Prophet as an orphan.

The answer was simple:

Because I am the one more worthy to take care/protect Him more than the parents, because I am the Creator, Protector,the one who will give the ‘rezeki’ and the one who will teach Him.

Magnificent,isn’t it?

How fortunate it is to be an orphan whom despite the  loss they had to endure, they gain something way better than that which is the protection and guide from Ar Rahman Ar Rahim through out their life.

Sometimes, people tend to think that being an orphan is such a bad thing when actually it can also be well not the best in what people would think, but the ‘hikmah’ behind these loss, thinking that we lost something but actually we gain something more valuable than what we thought.

So, to some of my friends who either already lost their parents long before or recently. Know that the best thing is yet to happen and you are never alone in this life.

Some of you might already know this fact but to those who doesn’t, I hope this piece of post can help you endure all the pain you are about to go through. Take care =)

Keep holding on...
Keep holding on...

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