Ku lihat…HIJAU ;)

Encik Hijau @ Mr.  Glizzy Green is also one of the people i met randomly in the internet. Not sure how, but somehow i have his YM for quite a long time. So, through out the chatters day, i never really know people i chat with. Until one day, he introduce his website and photo’s. And as you can see, all his photo can make people feel ‘Green’ (Envy) of his talent since that i personally been longing to learn DSLR ever since i saw how good these camera can take. But, it’s too technical for me so i guess i am happy to use my digital camera just the way it is. Perhaps when im done studying the camera (handycam) etc will i then try to learn how to use DSLR. huhu

Anyways, ive promised to introduce his works in my blog so here it is Encik Hijau! How to pay back? Wait till i heheheh…that is only if i could not take Saiful Nang hehehe…he’s like my first choice kot lalalala~ (Owh, dont worry no ‘kompang dum dum’ for now except my sis kot hehe)

p/s: Glizzy Green is offering discount to those who names me as the referrer so to those who is planning to get married esp the one in 19th of July (wink wink). Please contact him as soon as possible. Refer the comments if you don’t believe 😉

I love the Awan Guling ;P
I love the Awan Guling ;P

3 thoughts on “Ku lihat…HIJAU ;)

  1. Uiks, gila ah sampai promote kt sini..
    Haha, mn jmp awan guling tu..?

    (,”) For everyone out there, do let me knw if u’ve any enquiries bout our quotations..
    Will give u the very special discount..


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