To blog or not to blog ?

I just love this image. Hehe. For now, the answer is …NOT…back to my article now..headache~


Tag sekolah =P

PrettyWittyAngel !!! Saya curik tag anda, thanks for the memories ūüėČ

Ok last post till i finish my articlehuhugambatte!!

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Sekolah mana lagi besh sekolah rendah ke menengah??
-Badawi..sekolah pak lah haha..

Apakah makanan yg dekat kantin sekolah yg korang plg tk bole lupa.
-masakan utk cikgu haha selalu tapau kat situ sebab makanan utk budak sekolah slalu sakit perut & x sedap  

Subjek yg korang suke and benci
-suka sejarah benci math and anything with numbers hehe

Denda yg plg teruk korang kena buat,sbb aper??
-saya budak baek mana kena denda..ok2..tipu sekali..duduk¬†belakang ¬†sebab ‘lupa’ siapkan keje sekolah hehe

Pilih satu hari yg plg bosan di sekolah
Hari guru sebab tiap2 tahun benda yg sama ja..bosan tul..

Cikgu Fevret korang n kenapa?
-Cikgu ntah xde faveret2 nnt cikgu lain jeles hoho

Barang yg korang tk pernah tinggal masa g skola selain buku,pencil case,etc
-beg la…kalo tak.. bukan sekolah la namanya…

Perasaan korang masa nka tunjukkan report kad kat parents
-kadang2 cool..kadang2ketaq sebab fail math lagi hiks!

Pernah rs jeles bile member dpt markah tinggi? apa yg korang buat?
-jeles kejap tapi bln depan ‘beat’ diaorg balik =P

Jawatan plg besar korang pernah pegang
-presiden kelab BI haha besar la sgt padahal diri sendiri the only form 6 yg sign up. gatai sgt …amik!

Rindu tak nak blk sekolah semula

rindu kapur kasut, rindu lupa kapur kasut, rindu basuh kasut,rindu lupabasuh kasut,rindu sidai kasut,rindu lari2 amik kasut sebab hujan,rindu kena tahan pengawas…..hahaahahaha

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Datuk Haji Ahmad Badawi











I hate writing.  Really,it gives me headache.  Mainly because I had to think, I guess.

But the drive when we got what we want to write is what thrilling about writing.

The satisfaction of completing  what we write is what usually makes me feel good (which means I wont have headache anymore)

So here I am facing another headache.

I have to write.

For Globalia. (The magazine I mention before,remember?)

What its about?


What does it do in a global scope, for example, Obama uses blog for his campaign, and now even our PM (Malaysia) use blog since that the opposition uses blog. So perhaps the reason is simple, if you can’t beat them, join them?

But wait. What does it have to do if this happens to other government also in a long run? Will it be the end of journalism a.k.a media now that the government have their  own media? Will there still be space for journalist to ask questions or the gov can just give a press statement on their blog etc without really answering the Q ?

So much of giving such idea. A brilliant idea they say but to put that into words, getting the facts that don’t exist yet (bcoz no one ever wrote about it) …..i find myself into a big headache. I haven’t find the right topic for that. What say you?

A.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Blog ‚Äď The end of journalism ?

B.      Governmental blog a new start or an end  for journalism?

C.       The end of journalism??????

D.      ………create your own topic

Oh that’s just a part of my headache, another headache is Raja Nazrin.  Gosh!! How am I going to write about that. He is one of the figures that I find very interesting to write about but I couldn’t find anything much about him accept how good people finds him and his speeches.

¬†¬†Oh not to forget, i can’t find that part in the constitution mentioning the power of Sultan to choose whomever he deems to be able to run the government as Chief Minister. Why do they always write law in a complicated words??

Sigh.. Still don’t know what the right topic to write on him except that its about the return of the King  (hey that’s a good one,right? Mcm penah ku dgr hehe)

Tuanku if you read this, can I interview you please? Hoho Your last speech here was awesome!

So, readers out there I will most likely spend my time off the blog here until 15 May (My DEAD line).

Sign off.


Globalia Think Thank – Write To Us ;)


Dear readers, and those whom it may concern,

I hereby introduce to you the concept of the ” Globalia Think Tank”

We live in a time where the media, in particular on-line media,  crucially influences the thoughts of people throughout the world. At the same time, the independence of the media is endangered due to media concentration and the increasing influence of capital.

Besides selling our print and on-line media publications, we are also pursuing the goals of publishing deeper analysis and background reportage. The aim of these publications is to also highlight the role of Islam in the modern world in a deeper and more profound way, in this way, to be more than solely a news site.

In principle we are interested in the following crucial areas:

  • Geopolitics

(Resources, distribution wars and ethnic conflicts in the modern world)

  • Technology

(Positive and negative possibilities of a world controlled by technology)

  • New Economy

(Industry, capital, currencies and their influence on the political world)

In these critical areas, whats concerns us in particular is the relationship between modernitiy and tradition, the influence of European thinking on current world affairs and the role of technology. In addition, we dedicate a section to the formative role of important personalities from philosophy, art and economics, within these spheres.

There are also plans to advertise specific projects, from the ranges of topics mentioned, to free-lance journalists. GTT is also interested in networking and in the co-operation of journalists. In order to support these contacts, we intended to arrange seminars and scholarships for young journalists.

Furthermore,  we want to develop contacts with similar objectives within the international media, institutes and universities.

Please contact us if you wish for further information.

Nasi Ayuuuuummm….

Our (Me & Li Ying)  first nasi ayam was a success hoho finger lickin good! licin! hoho

Below is the recipe: (taken from the internet but can’t remember the link ;P)


For the Sauce

  • 1/2¬†tablespoon oyster sauce
  • 1¬†teaspoon sesame oil
  • 1¬†teaspoon salt
  • chicken stock¬†(From boiling the chicken later )

For the Garnishing


Marinate:   Secret ;P


Rice: Butter, garlic, onion, ginger, olive oil, chicken stock (fry with beras later cook)


Gravy: Sesame oil, oyster sauce, chicken stock. 






  1. 1

Steps :.

  1. 2

Chicken and soup :.

  1. 3

‚ÄĘ Place the chicken into a pot , and add water until the chicken is covered .

  1. 4

‚ÄĘ Remove the chicken , add 3 slices of ginger , 1 teaspoon of salt ,1 teaspoon of pepper , 1 sliced onion and garlic in the water and wait for the water to boil for 5 minutes .

  1. 5

‚ÄĘ Then , add the chicken in the pot , and heat it over high heat for 15 minutes and then , low heat for 15 minutes .

  1. 6

‚ÄĘ Remove the chicken and place it in a pot of cold water for 10 minutes . ( This is to make the chicken meat juicy and tender . ) ( Keep the stock from the pot which the chicken was heated in . ) ( Pour in a bowl as soup ).

  1. 7

‚ÄĘ After removing the chicken from the pot , slice it .

  1. 8

Rice :.   

  1. 9

‚ÄĘ Grind the remaining 3 onions , garlics and slices of ginger till theres no solids . ( Keep abit of extra paste for the chilli later . ).

  1. 10

‚ÄĘ Add the paste into a saucepan and add olive oil in it .

  1. 11

‚ÄĘ Wash the rice , and add the paste and stock to the rice and stir thoroughly .

  1. 12

‚ÄĘ Add the pandan leaf , and cook the rice .

  1. 13

Chilli : (We didn’t maket his due to thelevel of ‘hot’ ness ;P

  1. 14

‚ÄĘ Grind the chilli after removing its seed , with the excess onion garlic and ginger paste and the chicken stock .

  1. 15

Sauce :.

  1. 16

‚ÄĘ Stir the oyster sauce , sesame oil , 1 teaspoon salt and the remaining chicken stock together .

  1. 17

Garnishing and Serving :.

  1. 18

‚ÄĘ Put the rice on a plate , place the chicken on top of the rice , and pour the sauce over the chicken meat .

  1. 19

‚ÄĘ Put parsley leaves on top of the soup .

  1. 20

‚ÄĘ Put sliced cucumber and the cherry tomatoes at the side of the rice .

  1. 21

‚ÄĘ Lastly , serve it with a saucer of chilli .





  1. 1

Prepare the ginger by pounding with a mortar and pestle or grinding with small food processor. Extract the juice by squeezing with your hand and discard the ginger.




  1. 2

Marinate the chicken wings with the ginger juice and all the seasonings above for 1-2hours. Grill or bake them in oven (at 375 degree F) for 20-25 minutes until cooked or golden brown.








Le Grand Chef @ The Grand Chef


Ok here’s another Korean movie that you have to watch. If you have seen,Dae JangGeum@ Jewel In The Palace¬†,

 its more or less similar but this time its a guy cooking the whole thing.  So, you are to expect to see some glimpse of the costume that they used to wear during the Changjin times.

As for the  story itself its about two chef who used to be an apprentice of a famous chef from a well known cooking training house, one is the grandchildren and another is the grandchildren of another  famous chef who used to study together under a Royal Chef back during the King time. He chopped his own hands to avoid from cooking for the Japanese army.(Gheez..Hope thats not true)

So, as an apology by the Japanese government, they are helding a cooking competition in order to find the new owner of the knife. Guess who’s the top 2? Yes, the two apprentice. Whats interesting about this two? Well, one is obviously a high skilled chef who now owns the famous cooking house and another is just a humble little chef cooking for his own pleasure (actually he’s afraid of cooking due to an accident wink *wink*).

Ok i guess i be spilling too much info so go ahead and watch yourself ok. Just that when you reach to the Cow part..owh that is sooo sad..and how they ‘pesiang’ the Ikan buntal (Blowfish) …gosh~

There’s two way you can view:

Imeem (Part 1-8 FULL episode):

Youtube (Till Part 10, the rest havent been uploaded):