Writer’s Block


I can’t write.

To be writing virtually on what i went through in the reality.
It really feels strange to blog when among the ‘readers’ is our own family. Somehow to write about my updates here takes me a lot of time to write because they could see for themselve what i went through the days.

Before i wrote because we couldn’t see each other, i was away and i can’t always email them so i blog as a way to update them as well as as a reference for my report. But now that im back..i guess i have to wait until my next ‘exchange’ elsewhere (if there is any) to be able to write again.

So, after some thinking moment, i think im going to stop here and perhaps another blog, this time its PRIVATE via invitation/request after filtering to avoid ‘annonymous’ people. Silent reader’s, reveal your self if you want to continue.Those who have revealed themselves, i’ll take note of your names 😉

Can’t be too open now esp after the recent ‘attacking’ comments from ‘anonymous’ people. Not that im bothered but i find it rather ‘annoying’ for some ‘annonymous’ (see how ANNOYING you are now that you bring up that matter)

To suddenly poke into my life and judge me like that without doing proper ‘research’ and really know me before making such assumptions though i am very sure that i know who you are so don’t act like you don’t know.

Just to let you know. We never really know each other so don’t act like you know me all my life. Its a pity that someone as ‘educated’ as you could think like that.

Oh even if your not that person, i know what kind of people you are. So, don’t think that you got me by throwing all those unreasonable comments. You should have done better, i can trace you if i want but i don’t think i want to know anything about you as much as you think you know me best.

Again, you can judge whatever you want, i don’t care, coz you are not the one who will be the judge in the end. So, stop ‘peeping’ into peoples life and go and get a LIFE…!!!

Btw, thanks for all the support recently, either virtually or in reality. Thanks for the reality check. Lucky to have ALL of you =)

My apology to my family. You’ve seen me enough hehe will update you in reality. This is why children don’t let their family read their ‘diary’


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