Tribute To The Future Doctor’s ;)

During my radio interview yesterday, they asked me what was the most meaningful thing that I really appreciate during my exchange in University College Cork, Ireland  my answer was:

” To know & live with the medical student, for never in my life i get to see them as close as I did. Never also in my life, I was so proud and impressed by their hard work and determination in being a doctor. Not just any doctors, but a REAL doctor who really care about their patient and tries their best to make sure they really know their thing so that they can help the people with their knowledge  “

(something like that with some edited version hehe)

* * *

After spending more less 6 month with the medical students in Ireland, be it in Cork, Galway,and Dublin. I have never felt so proud and glad to see these soon-to-be ‘Doctors’ studying so hard even before class,even when its their semester break, even when they are in the bus to go to Dublin or any place,even if its what they had to do it anyway because they will later be asked by their lecturers during their rounds etc. Even so, I still am proud and ‘in total  awe’ by them (guna ayat zizi hehe)

All this while, I only hear of people going here and there doing medic. But I didn’t felt anything, perhaps because no one in my family took medicine except my aunt who is already a doctor.

Its kinda rare for our family to have doctors in the family, perhaps because most of us which iI recently realize would either be a teacher/lecturer or anything involving with education or business so I wasn’t really exposed to what a doctor is all about except that they have the ability to check people and give prescriptions etc hehe

Still, I respect the doctors for being there and choosing that profession when others like me could not bear seeing the needles & blood. I was surprised and disgusted a bit to see some of the students (Mas esp) to be so awed to see the blood and the case they get to see esp rare cases that they never come across. Now i understand why that practical doctor who came during the rounds were so awed by my case haha.

For almost 10 years ive been undergoing the Cleft Palate treatment (no, im not embarrassed to tell this) at Penang General Hospital. Through out that time, i kept on feeling more and more greatful to have these nurse, doctors & orthodontist treating me and still manage to bear with my tantrums and esp my laziness to clean my teeth haha (selalu kena marah dgn Dr. Khoo sbb x berus gigi hehe).

One particular person I really respect was Dr. Lim who is known as one of the top specialist in plastic & reconstructive surgery  in Malaysia (maybe Asia?) . The way she works and her team was totally amazing, they were like family and they treat us as if their own.

They explain to us every time we move on to the next step (which i heard that not many does that) and they were always funny and showed how cool it is to be a doctor . Just that blood is a No No to me else i would have been one if only i know how honorable that job, not because of the ‘honors’ but the responsibilities and ‘pahala’ we get by treating people with patience and using our knowledge to help others huhu

Being that good and still be working with the government despite the pay and work load really shows how humble and passionate she was towards her responsibility as a doctor when she could just go to the private.

Which means, not every government doctors is bad and I could see that the Malaysian Government is trying to make it better by sending these students overseas and darn right its  worth investing on people like them if only people in Malaysia could see for themselves how hard they try to compete with the local (oversea) medical student who were so good despite getting themselves drunk every Tuesdays and other days,and to see at least some of the Malaysians did get a place there and get to the top, being the same level as them is totally incredible and respected by me.

Ok , i think i have diverted a bit, what im trying to say is that after seeing these ‘blooming’ doctors I am sure that the next time I see them when I need to undergo an operation, I would with no doubt give my trust to them. (Dengan syarat xyah bayar hahaha)

So, yeah. To all the medical student out there, wherever you are, thank you

*for choosing medic, staying there, and struggled all the way till your graduation which i hope most of you could come back and serve the country after working there a for a few years hopefully

*for fighting your ‘ homesick’ for 5 or 6 years later just because you couldn’t have the Malaysian food for a few month but no worries Summer is coming 😉

*for studying every chance you have but still have time to go here and there without doing that too much and not just purely a vacation but made it educational such as visiting Andalusia, Turkey etc where the path of Islam was once and still there..hey Doctor’s deserves a vacation too!!

*for tighting your budget every month, paying that freaking high rent (1000-2000euro per month…?? ) which that does not includes the bills,heater etc hey MARA/JPA, tmbh la bnyk sket ;P

*for being one of the top students in your university ( i know most of you are just too humble to let me know until I know about it by chance) ,

*for really listening, understanding despite all the whines about your GP (General Practitioner),

*for ‘teaching’ me all that medical terms though its kinda frustrating to be left out by the medical jokes that i could not digest,

*for helping people in need even though your own pocket money is not so stable where you always giving though you could not be giving too much

* for staying pretty,witty,angel (bukan you sorang ja  macam tu hoho) that sometimes i wonder why they want to be a doctor when they could choose other profession with that kind of personality ….and not just a nerd but get yourself a life ;P

* for failing several papers at the beginning but thats all right because you probably in the process of adapting & getting used to the systems there , as long as you managed to get over with it and improve yourself afterwards, thatswas brave of you to still continue your  studies 😉

*for  going to the hospital everyday and some actually had to be operated in the hospital but still manage to continue back your studies despite all

*for not giving up when you really feel like giving up when the pressure is on,  esp when you feel you have failed, pressure & failure  is good sometimes because it brings out the best in you so that you’ll learn from your mistakes and help you find your way out from the tangled line along the way

*for EVERYTHING…!!!!

…..So, if anyone ever doubt why these people was selected to go there, even though some of them comes from a rich background but wherever they come from doesn’t mean that they didn’t study as hard as the rest,better yet they were one of the top of the tops and you better run 1000 miles away from me  before i send them to the doctor’s or better yet, i’ll send them to these doctor’s here so that they could see how good they are if i ever hear you say one more word about these people

…And to all you medic student or anyone who was sent oversea, know that the people is counting on you to save their life one day and to tell them how to take care of our health when we could not differentiate between flu and cold

….that 10000++  out of 26 Million working people in Malaysia ( are ALL investing on all you people from different levels of social status and education level with the money we earn every year (including your parents) so that you could get all the knowledge you need to come back and do your responsibilities here in Malaysia although some of the senior doctors here may not be as good as your GP’s there but hey you are going to reach that level one day so you will change that,right?

….that even though some of you don’t take medic and becomes a doctor, at least be a Doctor in Philosophy, still be a ‘Doctor’ one day and contribute to Malaysia which if we ever want to see Malaysia to change their Health system, Education and whatever fields will have to start from us the future generation for what we are studying now will shape the future (pergh! semangat ;P)

….and to those who studies in Malaysia, doesn’t mean that we don’t get there we are not as good as them for whatever we loose now will be replace or reserve for us later for something better in the future =)


AJA..!! AJA..!! FIGHTING..!!!!
AJA..!! AJA..!! FIGHTING..!!!!


5 thoughts on “Tribute To The Future Doctor’s ;)

  1. salam kak sakinah.. im really touched by your post..

    especially the part “…for failing several papers at the beginning but thats all right because you probably in the process of adapting & getting used to the systems there , as long as you managed to get over with it and improve yourself afterwards, that was brave of you to still continue your studies…”

    the fact that reading medicine is not easy..but after all, mane ada benda yg senang dlm dunia ni kan ?


  2. oh silent reader ku hehe
    bukan senang nak jadi senang..
    plus thats how we will learn..
    im glad i failed my math etc, else i wouldn’t take mascom instead
    i dont need math and let other’s do the math hoho ada pglmn la tue..


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