USM: Universiti Saudara Mara?

This was one of the heated topic that i came across recently. Honestly, i was annoyed by these kinds of terms whenever people say it. Not because its true especially on me but because i was part of the so called ‘Universiti Saudara Mara’ @ ‘University who preferred relatives working inside’

However, knowing that we could never please everyone no matter how hard we try .Therefore, i choose not to say anything especially if its about my family either my own or USM itself which i regard it as part of me now that i am a student of USM.

Before, i was just staying in USM, we used to live here until we move to our own house. So, i pretty much grew up here and by the time i  start studying here, i could just point out most of the place around the campus.

At first, i tried to just keep this away from my friends knowledge but it became more obvious as i try to keep this fact a secret since that i could easily go back home in the middle of the week. By now, i guess most of my coursemate could have guessed that my parents works here.

Its a fact i cannot hide anymore, not bcoz i was embarassed to tell but its just not something that we should bother about. If one is befriending another, then the matter of who your parents are and so on should not be the first thing we should want to know about unless one revealed it to the other.

So, if you want to be friends with someone, its best to know them by who they are NOT by what their parents are and so on. Not everyone will stay as (TRUE) friends through thick and thin thats why i find it hard to reveal to anyone that i knew unless they are open enough to understand the truth about me.

Ok, i think i kind of diverted a bit. At first i feel like telling everything here, but telling everything would never change anything. Especially if one have already have their own set of mind or perception on such stereotypes. So,whats the point of explaining when its not worth explaining?

All i could say is that not everyone who is somehow related to USM are like the term and to conclude everyone as equal as that is just generalization on everyone into something without taking account on their historical backgrounds especially the reason they are here.

One thing for sure, no matter how lucky one could seem to be having such privilege. One must remember WHO gave this privileged at the first place. So, if one are blaming someone for the ‘REZEKI’ (note that word), then you can just trace back WHO gave all the REZEKI given from the beginning becausethere must be  Someone must be sprinkling these luck.

So, yeah its true that i use ‘cable’ because i only have ONE CABLE which is Ar Rahman Ar Rahim so if you want to doubt that ‘cable’, go ahead and ask the OWNER. Perhaps you will find your answer because only Allah can answer all your questions.



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