To my coursemates

Hello, my name is Sakiinah..we know each other before but why it seems like we don’t know? Please don’t be shy with me, i just change to another university for a few month but i study as usual so i am no different then you.  Why is it you feel awkward? If you feel awkward then id feel the same so don’t shy2 ok? You can come out now, i wont bite hehe..

Gosh…!! How else can i say to them that i am still the same Sakiinah they met before? Yes, i wear pashmina now, yes i have new shoes (that i bought like 6 month ago but just started wearing it here). Yes i have a new sunglass which i bought for 2 pounds only @ RM50 and no its not Gucci and it doesnt even have any brands which btw i dont like branded stuff (i didnt even know Skecher’s is a brand , bought it like 50% of its price and bcoz it have ‘S’ word )

Perhaps bcoz my class starts next July so i don’t have class with them that makes me feel a bit distant from the rest of my coursemate’s. Still, why do I feel that awkwardness between me and them? I really don’t like doing nothing, hurm..maybe I should try join one of the class sometimes,eyh? (owh! no wonder i didnt get to meet a lot of them, i guess  thats why everyone was disappearing..??)

But really, I really hope this situation doesn’t last long. So, please, any of my coursemate who’s reading this, Im still the same person you know and will never change that easily. (except my skin which is slightly whiter hehe). Now can we be friends as usual?


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