Looking for me?

Hehe this is one of the reason i chose ‘Mencari Sakiinah’ as the title of my new blog. One, you probably be looking for my new blog link. Two, its a place where i find peace @ ‘sakiinah’ by blogging. Nice,huh?

Anyway, the exchange blog was set up to write about my exchange experiences so now that i have finished my exchange therefore i wont have anything to blog about.

Thats why i decided to close that blog, but, you will still be able to know my updates through this blog so i guess this blog is more of exchange experience after the exchange or just purely sharing whatever i experience.

Not sure if this blog would reach almost 4000++ readers but whoever you are dropping by, i welcome you all to a part of my life. Decided not to set it private so that the silent readers can remain annonymous (and i know one of them is definitely my family hoho)

Well, blogging to me is just to express NOT to impress so i dont mind if it doesnt reach any numbers, at least it will keep my writing ‘free’ of ‘numbers’ that i hate so much (i hate maths and anything related to numbers, thats why i took mascom so that someone else do the numbers for me  hehe)

Right, since i came back, these are the things i notice:

1) Malaysia is HOTTER than ever…!!!!! Its like ‘kemarau’  and miracoulously i start to take my shower 3 times a day instead of  lalalala (like in Cork, hiks!) I just realize that i have to take a bath now that i can’t escape with cold weather to hide my ‘ tak mandi pagi tapi mandi ptg atau malam’ hehe

2) I have to iron my cloth everytime i go out which is annoying and time consuming coz in Cork, i dont have to iron much except my scarf coz most of the time id wear jackets to hide all the crumples. sigh.

3) No more tambang bas ‘mahal’ or ‘mahal’ food though some of it is expensive but at least its not as expensive as here. Hallelujah ! (did you know that it means Allah including Ole?)

4) I can eat whatever i want without looking at ‘E’  something in the ingredients (there are certain Emulsifier that contains gelatine etc with code name starts with  ‘E’)  bcoz its definitely Halal unless you buy something thats obviously Haram. hoho

5) I can’t take picture freely without asking permission or secretly without anyone notice because i look Malay (i am pun!) because if i  did then ppl will think that im a stalker or weirdo or some ‘x pernah pegang kamera’ kind of person by the look of that little school girls i saw at USM mosque learning how to pray with that little white telekung…Aaaaww…!!! (they were soooo cute!)

6) I am a stranger of my own country, lots of changes within the last time im back, political problems as usual (which i should have get myself updated since that im changing to Journalism. Shoot!) including all my friends who might be busy with their final year project while myself is left without classes until next July (i miss going to class huhu). So, sometimes i feel a bit neglected and some of the friends i used to know is acting differently but whatever , i dont care, thats their problem not mine.

7) I need to get around more often to get used to the way round USM & Penang since that i can’t even remember which bus goes to which block in USM huhu Kuning? Hijau? Biru? sigh~

* * *

So, yeah…pretty much adapting right now other than endless jet lag hehe so to those coming back for Summer, watch out! 😉


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