can’t change my major even though both Broadcast & Journalism department have given permission to change.


I guess i have to finish what i start…yosh!!!



Its time…

This is a post taken from an old blog. I’ve just realized that someone drop by a comment only after 6 month later. haha thanks Mas. Anyway, i didn’t post this in my exchange blog that time since that it is more on exchange so. This blog is more or less like are about myself and whereabouts so i guess it would have been a waste if i did not post it here.

So, hope you don’t mind reading another long post hehe. And yeah..this blog will be continued but only on certain condition. The rest of the story will still remain private hehe here, perhaps i have to start writing more seriously now that im taking journalism. Sigh. Tak habis2 kena lecture psl grammar. adusss…!!!

Since that my grammar is terrible, I guess i have to continue my english class in British Council hehe what say you (Abi), any sponsors ..?? =P


Ive just came back from a workshop by the Corkians here about the history of Islam from A – Z eversince the the day our Prophet Muhd SAW was born and how he and the muslims after that managed to spread Islam to almost 2/3 of the world population at that time on what used to be the Golden Age of the Muslims Empire.

Imagine, from a city as small as Mecca which at that time does not even have any civilization, it became a civilization  that spreads its power and message on Islam that even Persian, Rome, and China managed to be defeated. Conquering a country is not just about getting a rule on another’s country but a reason to spread more message on the existence of Allah as the ONLY God and nothing but Allah. The one who creates every little thing in this world, who knows everything and us as human who can only use 1% of the whole brain that if we are to be given the power to create all these things, could never ever match the way Allah have made all the creation so perfectly when not even one thing can live without another. The closest example is by looking at ourself – human body itself.

Although, most of you (muslims) must have known already, that we experienced the Khulafa Ar- Rasyidin then Muawaiyah, till the fall of Turk Ottoman’s. We rise we fall from one age to another with or without khalifate, the message on Islam still continues. Right? No matter how bad light it gave to us when we saw Muawiyah take over the Khalifate, still as long as he rules in just and spreads the Islams, it doesnt make them a bad leader.

Now that we have turn into a world of ‘democracy’ , what is left to us is Islam as a name. The story that we learn is just a history that we only bother for exam? Myself, have always been fascinated by history(thats why i took history in stpm), its like a story book to me when i first read it. But, never in my life i have been so in love with the history of Islam and how extraordinary these people who, if it was us in their place, i could never even dare to imagine enduring their sufferings. Even the sufferings of the muslims today i can’t even watch.

Here, i would like to reflect a few thing i noticed during the history lesson. That is:

1) The rise and falls of Islam is already been planned by Allah that we will be going through it. But the most important thing is that we must carefully remember that the Biggest mistake we did that time was not by loosing the war but loosing our faith towards Allah. Forgetting Allah that we forget what is the most important responsibilities we carry of our existence as the ‘Khalifah’ @ leader in this world. Not just about being a Khalifah on that post but a leader who leads those who do not know about Allah. Who leads not just their own family and friends, but leads the people of their time,  a leader who restores Islam, a leader who puts back the pieces that we have lost along the way and corrects what should be put right in its place. A leader who walks, runs, sits, stands at the FRONT line, because we are a ‘leader’. It doesnt matter how many you did but as much as you can carry, in whatever way you can, whatever thing you know, that would be enough as long as you did your responsibility as a muslim to let people know about Islam, even just one sentence. See?? One sentence is enough.

2) As we learn from history, it should be noted that we used to be an all rounder. One do not just know one field at that time right? Just look at Ibnu Sina (Avicenna), Al Jabr (Algebra), they learn both Science and Arts together with Al-Quran & Sunnah, both complimenting each other. Ok, im not saying that we should learn everything in the world, but at least try to pick up new skills along the way and not just focus in one thing or just about getting a degree and thats it. You get a job, married, kids, then what? To USM people, our motto ‘Kami Memimpin’ @ ‘We Lead’, remember …??

3) Seeing the rise and falls of muslims be it before or after the Ottoman’s empire, even our own history where we once were the lingua franca and centre of the trading world in the Malacca sultanate. One thing that really scares me is how Allah have mentioned many many times in the Quran that Allah have and will destroys those who refuse and deny the existence of Allah after it have been shown to them through all the signs and even scientificly proven (seriously, believe it or not, the ovum and embryo function have already been mentioned in Quran, wayyy before anyone discover it).

But remember, we ourselves could also be the one among the people whom have been mentioned by Allah if we forget that later, Allah will ‘replace’ us to the people who will take up the responsibilty as a muslims. Just look at what happened to Turky, Bosnia,Tsunami, Iraq, Afghanistan, and even Palestine ( though its not 100% their fault). Allah have destroyed their land, not just bcoz themselves but even us who just look and did not defend other muslims? One interesting incident was the Sept 11, many Americans,  Europeans and people who never even heard of Islam, suddenly got interested to know what is Islam said to be a terrorist, and some just by ‘googling’ it, became muslims and take up Islam more than us while we were busy ‘preaching’ among ourselves.

How can we only spread this lovely religion, the beauty of Quran, the handsome character of Muhammad SAW our prophet and prophet before that including Jesus, Moses, David etc, but most of all the existence of Allah by telling it only to the muslims and whats worst among your own race or nationality when we are a family (i prefer using family instead of brother’s and sister’s) and what more us as an ’Ummah’?

Remember that one day, these people who do not know will question us infront of Allah that they were not informed by us about Allah, Prophet Muhd SAW and Islam itself. Screw it if they want to accept or not, even Prophet Muhd SAW had to go and tell Abu Jahal/Lahab (not sure ) 100 times. You may fail one time but then it doesnt mean by the second or third you will face the same thing.

Wait! Wait! Don’t just go and tell people that you should be a muslims lah wey! Thats scary ok, learn your stuff, man. Different people different approach, but the least thing we could do is be friends with them (with the right intention that we are honest to be their friend and not just to ’save’ them from Hell or something – we cant save everybody, only Allah can). But the most important thing is how you present yourself and your belief by showing ourselves as a real muslims and not just by name.

To my non-muslims friends who’s reading this,actually ive always wanted to tell you but didn’t know how to tell you about who i am as a muslim. So, come to think of it. It wouldnt be fair that i keep on zipping my mouth hoping that someone will say this to you when you are my friends. So, here it goes:

Im not going to say anything about your religion because that is what you believe. However, i invite you to know more about Islam and whether you want to accept it or not is up to you. So, for a start, in case you don’t know, we muslims believe that there’s no God except Allah and Muhammad SAW is the Messenger of Allah. Islam is our religion, Quran & Sunnah (the practice of Prophet Muhammad SAW) is what we hold on to, we pray 5 times a day (REALLY!), we pay tax called Zakat to give to the needy,  we fast (dont eat between sunrise and sunset but we did have our breakfast few hours before to give some energy) during the ‘Ramadhan‘ month (celebrate Eid by the end), we go to  Mecca in Saudi Arabia for Hajj @ pilgrim but that is only if we can afford it physically, mentally and money-ly .

Thats just the general part, you don’t have to know anything about the ‘halal’ and ‘haram’ right now unless you really want to know, ok? Owh,and whatever they say about Islam on the news or movies only 1% of it is true , the rest you have check the facts first before you make any judgements ok. Hey, even writing essays you have to have a ’source’ so who else if its not Allah, the ’source’ of knowledge and every creation have been made?

Whatever you want to believe in, is up to you to decide. But, really, if you have time, try to think of it. Ok? Hurm, let me tell you a secret, we – muslims secretly wished that you were muslims, really, especially those that we really close with even if we have different religion. You, yes you! (Jgn buat2 x tahu ;P) I know your reading it, ive said it before to you,right? Why? Because you are such a wonderful friend that makes me wish that you will embrace Allah. So, i wish that one day, if you ever change your mind, you know who to turn to (not me lah! im just leading the way ). Then who? Allah – the ONE and ONLY!

The affair is Allah’s from beginning to end.
On that day, the muminun will rejoice
in Allah’s help.
He grants victory to whoever He wills.
He is the Almighty, the Most Merciful.

They know an outward aspect of the life of the dunya
but are heedless of the akhira.

That is Allah’s promise.
Allah does not break His promise.
But most people do not know it.

Have they not reflected within themselves?
Allah did not create the heavens and the earth
and everything between them
except with truth and for a fixed term.
Yet many people reject the meeting with their Lord.

Have they not travelled in the earth
and seen the final fate of those before them?
They had greater strength than them and cultivated the land
and inhabited it in far greater numbers than they do.
Their Messengers also came to them with the Clear Signs.
Allah would never have wronged them;
but they wronged themselves.

Surat ar-Rum (30:4-9)

Writer’s Block


I can’t write.

To be writing virtually on what i went through in the reality.
It really feels strange to blog when among the ‘readers’ is our own family. Somehow to write about my updates here takes me a lot of time to write because they could see for themselve what i went through the days.

Before i wrote because we couldn’t see each other, i was away and i can’t always email them so i blog as a way to update them as well as as a reference for my report. But now that im back..i guess i have to wait until my next ‘exchange’ elsewhere (if there is any) to be able to write again.

So, after some thinking moment, i think im going to stop here and perhaps another blog, this time its PRIVATE via invitation/request after filtering to avoid ‘annonymous’ people. Silent reader’s, reveal your self if you want to continue.Those who have revealed themselves, i’ll take note of your names 😉

Can’t be too open now esp after the recent ‘attacking’ comments from ‘anonymous’ people. Not that im bothered but i find it rather ‘annoying’ for some ‘annonymous’ (see how ANNOYING you are now that you bring up that matter)

To suddenly poke into my life and judge me like that without doing proper ‘research’ and really know me before making such assumptions though i am very sure that i know who you are so don’t act like you don’t know.

Just to let you know. We never really know each other so don’t act like you know me all my life. Its a pity that someone as ‘educated’ as you could think like that.

Oh even if your not that person, i know what kind of people you are. So, don’t think that you got me by throwing all those unreasonable comments. You should have done better, i can trace you if i want but i don’t think i want to know anything about you as much as you think you know me best.

Again, you can judge whatever you want, i don’t care, coz you are not the one who will be the judge in the end. So, stop ‘peeping’ into peoples life and go and get a LIFE…!!!

Btw, thanks for all the support recently, either virtually or in reality. Thanks for the reality check. Lucky to have ALL of you =)

My apology to my family. You’ve seen me enough hehe will update you in reality. This is why children don’t let their family read their ‘diary’

This post is dedicated to Zizi :)

I don’t remember…
How i met you… other than in Cork after 22 years later since ive born
Or what made me remember of you..other than the endless tease about Semonella @ Semolina
Or who introduced me to you…other than the Buka Puasa where i always turn up
Or where we really know each other….other than the night i became ‘Oprah’
Or..when i  start to let you inside my life…other than ‘You Know What Im talking About’ 😉

…and countless memories created through out the time we were together.


whatever,whenever,wherever,whoever,however that time could be.

I will always remember it as the best time in my life
So, no matter how cheesy this can be…

Its always not easy for me to find anyone like you….

My half princess

Thank you =)

I hereby declare Zizi * Kak Kins as half sister =P
I hereby declare Zizi & Kak Kin's as 'half sister' =P

(* Before i end this blog, this is a special post for a special person.Thanks for making our time together ‘special’ hehe yeah..we are now ‘sisters’.* Blush* Blush* Sape nak apply ‘post’ yg sama sila isi borang ye. Hiks!)

Introducing: Cikgu Wani

Firstly, this is not my Wanie (bestfriend) blog though they both are going to be teachers. I was browsing the internet and came across this blog (No Wanie, i wasn’t searching for you)

Still, I find her blog interesting because she blog’s about all her work through out her years before and after being a teacher. She was sent to Sabah/Sarawak ( i still can’t differentiate except one is using ‘Bah’ one is ‘Kamek-Kitak’ huhu)

Here’s some of the things she wrote in her blog. Guling2 baca all her stories. Hehe being a teacher sure are hard work. Seeing her perspective really reflects how passionate she is with her work.

She taught ‘Pemulihan’ class and that is no easy task. Just look at her entry taken from her old blog :

Ni plak sesi Rancangan Pengajaran Individu.. Kena pulihkan seorang murid secara one to one.. Murid aku ni darjah 4, tp huruf pun x brape kenal lagik.. Bila aku tanya camne huruf ‘A’ besar? Jawabnya A.. Ok bagus, ‘a’ kecik lak camne?  Jawabnya  A.. Huwaaa, dia tibai A besar dengan saiz yg kecik.. Byk huruf yg dia x kenal lagik, saya mulai konpius, takkan dah 4thn sekolah still x kenal huruf..

This one plak is one of the thing she have to face while teaching at a rural school. Imagine getting her shoes stuck everyday hehe

Hahaha, gambo tu plak, keadaan kasut aku yang semakin uzur gara2 asyik tersangkut di celahan papan.. Sekolah aku ni, tingkat 2 daripada papan jek.. So mmg slalu la kasut tersangkut celah papan tu.. Ada skali tu, tersangkut betul2 depan pintu kelas lain.. Mujur kelas tu xde cikgu n budak tgh bising.. Alang2 dah stop depan tu, aku sound2 la budak yg bising tu sambil membuat cubaan melepaskan kasut yg terperangkap.. Hehehe

* * *

To Wani, if you came across my blog, know that you’ve done a great job teaching those students. Keep it up!



Watched this movie today in TV3. Totally amazed by Rani’s acting and the script is amazing, was really touched &  inspired esp after knowing that it is based on a true story of Hellen Keller. To be blind or deaf is one thing, but to be both is very challenging, what more to teach a person like her.

One of the words that really caught my attention is when she was interviewed by the interviewer about her opinion of knowledge is that

“Knowledge is my  teacher “

(referring on Amitabh Bachan who teachs him every word since she was small)

To see her courage and determination to continue her study, along with the normal student, going to class with her teacher by her side teaching every word when the lecture is going. What more could we ask? What more could we complain rather than be thankful?

Good thing she’s blind and deaf bcoz then she wont have to ‘see’ and  ‘hear’ all the things people been saying about her (in a positive way) which really shows that in order for us to move on and achieve whatever we do is just to be ‘blind’ and ‘deaf’ at the same time of whatever people are trying to bring us down.

So to Helen, I salute you!

* * *

Synopsis (Wikipedia)

Black (Hindi: ब्लॅक) is a Hindi and Indian English film released in 2005 and directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The first half of the film was based on Arthur Penn’s The Miracle Worker (1962).

Time Magazine (Europe) selected the film as one of the 10 Best Movies of the Year 2005 from across the globe. The movie was positioned at number five.[1] Indiatimes Movies ranks the movie amongst the Top 25 Must See Bollywood Films.

The story of Black is based on the true life story of Helen Keller. Michelle McNally (Rani Mukerji) who loses her eyesight and hearing a few months after birth and exists in a black world where she is isolated in the darkness of her own existence, trapped by her inability to see, hear and express.

She grows up becoming more and more frustrated by the black and dark world around her, making her a violent, uncontrollable eight-year old. Her parents, Paul and Catherine, are at their wits’ end trying to control her, until one day the light shines through the end of the tunnel.

Debraj Sahai (Amitabh Bachchan) enters their lives, an elderly alcoholic teacher for the deaf and blind, Debraj sees himself as a magician and is a disillusioned eccentric man. He takes it upon himself to bring young Michelle into the light.

He has harsh ways, he locks himself and Michelle in an empty room to teach her how to express herself, what things mean, what they are known as, and slowly she learns.

BLACK is the inspiring story of how Michelle transforms her life with Debraj Sahai’s help – who she lovingly calls ‘Tea cha’ (teacher) and tries to achieve graduation in a regular university.

Unlike other movies, Black only has one song called Mausam Ki Adla Badi Mein, performed by Kunal Ganjawala’s wife, Gayatri Ganjawala.